You Were Mine For The Summer (finished)

Back when we was 11 years old, a guy moved next door, a guy we call, Liam Payne. He moved next door a day the summer holidays started, we got to know each other and I fell for him, for his charming personality, his voice, his looks, we spend the whole summer with each other. But after the summer had ended, Liam had to move, because he got bullied, I stuck up for him as much as I could but we was only 11, how could I defend him more. So he and his family moved. this is a story about Kaitlyn Mayer will she be able to find her Summer Love, will she remember him? will he remember her? if they dont, will they fall in love with each other all over again when Kaitlyn goes to a concert of her favourite band, One Direction (all the boys are included in this, it just starts of with Liam) hope you enjoy it :)


12. in my hotel room

Kaitlyn's POV

I was crying because of what Abi has just said, I was crying that much my eyes were blood shot and my face was red, I then heard a knock on the door, great, so I tried to wipe my face down before I opened the door, after I had done, my eyes were no longer blood shot but my face was still red, it better not be anyone cute, so I walked over to the door, pity there was no eye hole thing so I could see who it was, so I opened the door, great, it was someone cute, and great, he's seen me.

"Kaitlyn" Liam said with a worried look on his face, "yes Liam" I said, "whats up" he asked, im really not in the mood for questions right now, "im fine Liam" I replied, trying to smile, "its obviously not fine, I heard you crying from our room next door" he said, "wait, your staying in this hotel" I asked, "yea, next door as a matter of fact" he replied, "now whats up" Liam said, "nothing, just drop it" I said as nicely as I could, "ok, was just asking, being friendly" he smiled, I smiled back, "ill be going then" he said and turned round he started walking slowly to his room door, looking back with every step he took, no Kaitlyn dont give up, no, be firm, be firm, "Liam wait" I said, damn it.

"yes" he said with a grin "do you wanna come inside for a bit" I sighed, he grinned even more, "I knew it would work" he said, damn, he did what people do in films, so I let him in and he stood up, "sit down" I said, "where" he asked, "on the bed, duh" I chuckled, so he gently placed himself on the bed, I sat next to him, "Liam, why do you care if a persons crying next door" I asked, "because that.s the person I am, I hate seeing people upset, if you was a mean person when you opened the door then I would have gone but I know your not" he smiled, "thanks, I need to talk to someone, can I talk to you" I asked shyly, "of course, why do you think I kept asking before" he replied, "so, whats wrong" he asked, I sighed.

"well my best friend ever since we was 5, has got a knew boyfriend, she hasn't been spending time a lot with me, and ever since I got to your concert she hasn't text, but normally when I go on trips she asks how it was, but she didn't, so I decided to ask her if she was alright, I thought maybe something had happened, but then I got this text of her saying she hates me and never wants to see me ever again, so I asked her whats up and she sent me a horrible text back, calling me and things like that, its to awful to say, she even wished for me to die, so that's why I was crying" I said, my eyes filling up, stop it Kaitlyn, not in front of Liam, to late tears started falling, "hey hey hey, shh  dont worry, everything will be ok" he said softly, just hearing his voice made me feel better.

it made me cry even more, I then broke down and buried my head in his chest, he didn't mind, he wrapped his arm around me and started stroking my hair, and comforted me, after a few minutes I pulled away, "im sorry Liam, im sorry to dump this all on you, you dont need my problem" I sobbed, "hey, I said I was here, I listened didn't" he said, I nodded, "now you listen to me, whatever your friend said, its not true, you seem a lovely girl" he soothed, "thanks Liam, you really are 1 of 5 of a kind" I smiled, he chuckled, he then gave me a hug, I smiled at him, 'you were mine for the summer, now we know its nearly over' he phone rang, "sorry" he apologized, I giggled, "were coming back now, make us a cup of tea and some toast dude please" I heard on the other side of the line as Liam was sat next to me I could here it, "alright Niall I will do...bye" he said and put the phone down.

"sorry I have to go, and sorry you had to hear that" he said, "I love that song, its my favourite by you guys, it means so much to me" I replied, "awww glad you do, it means so much to me to" he said and with that he said bye gave me a hug and went back to his room, he's so sweet, hold on you cant fall for him, you still have to wait for your summer love to come back Kaitlyn.

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