You Were Mine For The Summer (finished)

Back when we was 11 years old, a guy moved next door, a guy we call, Liam Payne. He moved next door a day the summer holidays started, we got to know each other and I fell for him, for his charming personality, his voice, his looks, we spend the whole summer with each other. But after the summer had ended, Liam had to move, because he got bullied, I stuck up for him as much as I could but we was only 11, how could I defend him more. So he and his family moved. this is a story about Kaitlyn Mayer will she be able to find her Summer Love, will she remember him? will he remember her? if they dont, will they fall in love with each other all over again when Kaitlyn goes to a concert of her favourite band, One Direction (all the boys are included in this, it just starts of with Liam) hope you enjoy it :)


2. a special place

Liam's POV

the day after meeting Kaitlyn and her mum my mum made us go round the whole street, it was so boring, in one house there were 2 lads they didn't like me from the first day, my mum had mentioned my kidney and then bam, they started hating me, Kaitlyn was the only person that wasn't bothered about my kidney, the lads mum told them to take me to their room and show them what they have, they did but they didn't show me what they've got, they kept name calling me, I just wanted to go, luckily my mum shouted me down to go. three weeks went by and me and Kaitlyn spent more and more time together. I kept getting bullied, Kaitlyn was the only one that stuck up for me, she got bullied for sticking up for me.

anyway one Saturday Kaitlyn and I decided to go for a walk "hey Liam, do you want to go to my favourite place in Wolverhampton ever, no one else knows about it but me" she asked, "yeahhhh" I said excitedly, so we walked and talked until we got to a park, "we're nearly here" she said, "is it nice" I asked, "its beautiful" she smiled, so we walked across the green grass, the sun was shining above our heads, we went through the park, through the kids park, over a bridge, down a little alley kind of, but full of trees, it was tiny, I dont think many people would be able to see it, then we went where there was a row of tree, we went through three rows of trees, "ooo, where here, its just past the fourth row of trees" she said excitedly, I couldn't wait, we went pst one more row of trees and then there was some more trees, but there were two branches interlocked from different trees to make an arch shape to make it look like and entrance, "theres the entrance  made" she said smiling, "what, you made that" I gasped, "yea" she said proudly, so we walked through the entrance, the sun beaming through it, leaves falling of the tree, if was already nice.

we went through the entrance "wooooo" I gasped in amazement, it was perfect, there was a lake here, a tire swing that you can swing into the lake (like the one in Live While We're Young), there was a two logs opposite each other where you can sit down, "did you make all this" I asked, "well I dont like to brag, but yea, I was bored one day and my friend was ill, it was my birthday to, my mum wanted to do me a surprise, so I had to go out of the house, I wondered around and saw the ally, I went to through it t to investigate, when I first saw it, there was the lake and that's it, I though if I changed it and make it look nice, I could just come here when im bored" she said, "its so beautiful" I said.

we sat down on the logs and talked for a while, by this time the sun was setting again, "sing for me" Kaitlyn suddenly asked, her blue eyes sparkling like sapphires, "I cant sing" I replied, "I bet you can" she replied, "I cant" I smiled, "please" she pleaded, I rolled my eyes and gave in, "fine" I huffed, her eyes got to me, you need a backing instrument" she asked, "what" I asked, "I have a guitar with me, I practice the guitar here" she said, "really" I said amazed, she nodded, "yea, i do, what do you want me to sing, that you can play and I know the words to" I asked, "do you know Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra" she asked, I loved that song, "yea" I said, "will you sing that please" she said so innocently, I nodded, she got her guitar that was hid behind a tree, she started strumming and I started singing, "fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like, on a, Jupiter and Mars, in other words hold my hand, in other words baby, kiss me" I sang, right though to the end.

when i had finished she clapped, "your a great singer" she said amazed, "im really not" I replied, "you are" she argued, I huffed, she suddenly walked towards the lake "aww look, the moons reflecting on the lake come see" she said, so I walked to her side and look, I looked for about a minute, but then I looked at Kaitlyn, I think I like her, she then looked at me, we started at each other for a bit then she turned around shyly, I decided to slide my hands in hers, so I did, she looked up at me and smiled, she gripped my hands tighter, out hands were now entwined, we just looked at the lake for a while, she turned to look at me first this time, I looked at her, I suddenly saw her moving forward, then I moved forward, the gap between us started to close, until suddenly our lips touched, I place my lips gently in hers, her lips were so soft, it was my first kiss, it was perfect, when we parted we looked at each other shocked, but then smiled, we then decided it was time to go back, our hands still entwined. we eventually got home, I kissed her cheeks and went inside, and she did the same

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