You Were Mine For The Summer (finished)

Back when we was 11 years old, a guy moved next door, a guy we call, Liam Payne. He moved next door a day the summer holidays started, we got to know each other and I fell for him, for his charming personality, his voice, his looks, we spend the whole summer with each other. But after the summer had ended, Liam had to move, because he got bullied, I stuck up for him as much as I could but we was only 11, how could I defend him more. So he and his family moved. this is a story about Kaitlyn Mayer will she be able to find her Summer Love, will she remember him? will he remember her? if they dont, will they fall in love with each other all over again when Kaitlyn goes to a concert of her favourite band, One Direction (all the boys are included in this, it just starts of with Liam) hope you enjoy it :)


4. 2008 (3 years after)

Kaitlyn's POV

I kept my promise to Liam, I never forgot we had it all, I never forgot about him altogether, Abi never knew about our romance, she just knew what my mum knew, "Kaitlyn, x factor's on tonight, are we watching it"  Abi said excitedly, we always did "yeahhh" I said happily, "I wonder if there's any cute boys on here" Abi said, I laughed, "typical Abi" I tutted, she laughed, "I know" she giggled, "come on Kaitlyn you need a man in your life, you've never had a boyfriend, your 14 and never had one" she moaned, "I know, im waiting for the right person to come along" I replied, yeah the right person, Liam.

so x factor time came, we was at my mum was sat with us, Abi and I always choose to watch it on the floor, so we sat in our usual places and my put it on, "omg look at him" Abi shouted as a boy with jet black hair came on "omg he is really cute" I said, i always do this, I do think a guys cute but I only have one guy on my mind, but I cant tell her, she'll never let me live it down I actually dont know his last name so whats the point, and she'll blab to my mum and that's kind of embarrassing so yea, the guy with jet black hair  was good, loads of people came on then a guy caught my eye, "hi my names Liam Payne" the guy said, he look so familiar, but i didn't know who he was but ide seen him somewhere before. "omg he's so cute" I yelled, "omg I was thinking the same thing, wow did you really just say that" Abi asked, "I know, I never say that first, its you that does" I said, "I know" she giggled.

anyway we listened to him,"fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like, on a, Jupiter and Mars, in other words hold my hand, in other words baby, kiss me" he had a voice of an angel, and that song, that was the what Liam sang to me, that's who he reminds me of, its not him, but he reminds me of him, "Abi remember the guy that I said lived next door to us for the summer" I asked Abi, "yea, what about him" she asked, "he reminds me of him" I said, "really" she said intrigued, "oh yea, he actually does" my mum butted in.

we watched it for a couple of weeks, I grew to like Liam, then Simon decides to send him home at judges houses and audition when he's older, thats another guy ive liked and they went, "right we need to find you a guy that you like so you can have a boyfriend so come on were going to work on it" Abi said pulling me upto my room after x factor had finished, "what about Andrew Roberts out of our form" she asked "are you serious, he drools everywhere" I said disgusted, "fine,. what about that guy ummm...... Sam Thompson" she said, "he is cute, but i dont like him in that way" I sighed, she kept saying people's names for the rest of the night, I just sat there and said no, I only wanted one guy, Liam, my Summer Love.

authors note

yes its boring, I promise it will get better thank you for reading it anyway, I hope you like it or at least will learn to like it :)

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