Happy Valentines Day Niall Horan

NIALL HORAN,One odd day there were two best friends waiting on there best friend Niall Horan.After 2 year years they were so so happy he has been on 2012 tour. They went to see him at Louisville KY, at concert. they got back stage passes ,so they got to see him for a few minutes.They lived in Paris.


3. Dating

The next day Emilee and Carly juat got up they heard somthing so they got up out of there beds and found louis in the kitchen he said "Good Morning". At the same time Carly and I said "Good Morning". Harry walked in and said "hey". Carly just said wow that all you have got to say. Me like normal said hi like i just woke up, im really mean when I get up.I really didnt feel like driving back to paris and waiting on the boys so yea i love today. I said im gonna go and get something to eat anyone want to come Louis said "I'll come"  "ok". We bought back Ihop. We came back and Carly and niall were huging and like me I said WHAT HAPPEND WHILE I WAS GONE. They both said were dating.

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