Happy Valentines Day Niall Horan

NIALL HORAN,One odd day there were two best friends waiting on there best friend Niall Horan.After 2 year years they were so so happy he has been on 2012 tour. They went to see him at Louisville KY, at concert. they got back stage passes ,so they got to see him for a few minutes.They lived in Paris.


6. Cleaning up

We got back to Paris and it was a MESS. We found Carly's pawpaw he said we better get to cleaning up. Niall called Carly he was freaking out he was like are you ok is your family ok who have you found? I was like my god well they got off the phone and he showed up I was like here it goes agin.Well we started to clean up and her pawpaw said we will have to move.

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