Beatles Cafe (Harry Styles fan fiction , Not Famous Harry)

This story is about an ordinary kid named Harry Styles, he's never been very successful in life. Harry works at the city's coffee shop ' Beatles Cafe' its usually a boring run down joint just like the city he lives in. Nothing big ever happeneds well at least never to Harry but then one day he meats a girl named Elizabeth and falls madly for her , he will do anything to find her again..


1. Work


"Harry you need to clean out the coffee pots!" my manager Dylan said. Dylan and i where good friends in fact we live together. I would do anything for Dylan but cleaning out the coffee makers ehh not so much fun. I walked into the back room, god i hate the back room it's so creepy , dirty and not to mention old. I swear it must be haunted , not that I have any proof of paranormal activity but it is seriously that creepy looking. Dylan and I just opened up this building about a month ago, not much happends here but then again nothing ever happeneds in this town. There was a bang and clang I looked over and saw pots falling off of the racks and then I heard a squeak. God damn rats! Trying to scare me half to death, I grabbed the broom out of the bucket and started to sweep to try to scare away the pesky rats. When I was done I put it back into the bucket and went to clean out the coffee makers. I seriously don't understand why dylan dosent just buy new coffee pots , the ones we have now are from the previous owners , as well as the furniture. When I finished cleaning the pots out I went to the sink and tried to wash the filth off of my hands. No wonder we don't have any people here even the waters old and yellow!

"Hey Dylan!" I called

"Yeah?" he asked

"I think we have a water problem!" I called

"Again?" he asked annoyed

"Yes again!" I called back.

"Ugh I'll get someone to come out and fix it" he said. I shut the water off and dried my hands off on the towl and walked back to the front room.

"Are we working this weekend?" I asked

"No why?" Dylan asked

"Because I would like to come here and you know clean" I said looking around the room.

"If you think it needs to be cleaned " Dylan said. Dylan is a tall boy with jet black hair medium tall with big earring holes and a black and white tattoo sleeve. He's not a popular boy he doesn't have many friends ,he's not like the other people in this decade he's cool and has great taste in music.

"Yeah it needs to be cleaned " I said softly putting my hand on his shoulder. He rolled his eyes.

"If you say so but im not helping" he said, he looked at his watch . "closing time!" he untied his apron and I did also. It dosent take long to get everything put away for closing considering we never have any business maybe about 10 minuets . Dylan flipped the open sign to closed as we locked the building up and headed to the car. He has a sweet car , it's a deep green jeep sport with high tires , we always have the top off considering it doesn't snow here, the only time we ever close it is when it rains. It was my time to drive , I started up the car and we drove home. We live in a tiny studio apartment in the middle of town. Now this building isn't creepy or old at all, it's the newest building in town and it's really nice even if it is small. We never really have any company over but that's okay it's me because the appartment is a mess. And if no one comes over then why clean? To be honest when we have people over they don't care about it being clean they only care about if we have food. Once we got inside we both plunked down onto the couch and turned on tv, like we usually do , we always watch Doctor Who when we get home because we have nothing else to do.
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