Beatles Cafe (Harry Styles fan fiction , Not Famous Harry)

This story is about an ordinary kid named Harry Styles, he's never been very successful in life. Harry works at the city's coffee shop ' Beatles Cafe' its usually a boring run down joint just like the city he lives in. Nothing big ever happeneds well at least never to Harry but then one day he meats a girl named Elizabeth and falls madly for her , he will do anything to find her again..


4. That's It!

HARRY'S P.O.V. I don't know if my dreams channeled in on my wondering about Elizabeth or something but my dreams took me back to joiner year at Central Handy High School in Cleveland Ohio. The sun was bright and warm, obviously beginning of the year , new people not knowing where to go , girls in short shorts and tank tops. And there she was. Elizabeth. "Hey Harry !" she said with a warm smile, she was wearing blue high waist shorts , sperrys, and a white tucked in lose blouse. Her dark brown hair was loosely curled to her mid stomache. "Hey!" I said as I welcomed her with a hug and a kiss on the forehead, it wasn't untill right now that I notice that she was wearing my grey benne , I never let anyone touch my benne. And I don't kiss just anyone. And then it hit me, oh god how could I forget her. Elizabeth was my longest girlfriend and then I ruined our 3 year relationship by cheating on her with her best friend. But in my defense Megan kissed me. The drea didn't get much further than that before I was brutally shoved off of my bed and onto the floor. "Oww! " I groaned. "Shut up and get up." it was a girl talking to me now. I looked up to see a girl with long brown hair wearing purple toms , black high waist shirts and a purple blouse. "Megan?" I asked puzzle and confused. "Thats my name don't wear it out." she said as she plopped down onto my bed. "What are you doing here? Well firstly how did you get in my house ?" I asked "I have a key , and I'm here because it's Friday remember silly we have work at the cafe." she said "Why do you have a key to my house?" I asked "Because I'm your girlfriend and you gave it to me" she said "Since when where you my girlfriend ?" I asked "Damn did I push you off the bed to hard?" she asked with a laugh. "Well if you must know we've been dating for. 1.5 years." what the hell is going on here? I dont have a girlfriend ! And insure as hell am not dating Megan ! I looked around my room, where am I? This is not the room I fell asleep in! "Where Dylan?" I asked getting up. "Who?" she asked "Dylan my best friend, you know the other guy that lives here." I said "Well unless your talking bout the rooted food in the fridge there is nothing else living here. " she said, now I know something is really ,wrong. "What's today?" I asked "Friday , January 18, 2010" she said. Whoah! What? No this isn't real I must still be dreaming there is no way that I am in 2010! I went to bed in 2013! "You look pale, are you sick because I really don't want to get sick by kissing you" "no I'm , I'm fine." I said.... There is no way this is possible.... I went back in time..

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