Beatles Cafe (Harry Styles fan fiction , Not Famous Harry)

This story is about an ordinary kid named Harry Styles, he's never been very successful in life. Harry works at the city's coffee shop ' Beatles Cafe' its usually a boring run down joint just like the city he lives in. Nothing big ever happeneds well at least never to Harry but then one day he meats a girl named Elizabeth and falls madly for her , he will do anything to find her again..


5. Megan


Now I must admit that Megan is pretty, but she is noting compared to Elizabeth.

"Harry!" Megan said.

"What?" I asked

"get up!" she said as she hit me with a pillow, through the pillow back at her hitting her in the butt. She laughed . "Seriously though get up its time to open shop." I got up and followed her out the door. Even the appartment was different , and set up weird. When we got to the front door I reached for my coat. "What are you doing?"

"Getting my coat" I said

"Are you kidding me? It's like 90 degrees outside!" she said as she grabbed my coat and threw it on the couch. She turned to the door and opened it and we went down to the parking lot to the car. Well the Jeep was still there I started to walk to it as I pulled my keys out of my pocket and pushed the unlock button, and it wasn't the Jeep that beeped , I looked over to the right to see a black corvette. Is that mine? Must be because Megan was walking toward it. I followed her and got in I put the keys in the ignition and turned the key, it worked as the car started up and the engine roared to life. I put the car in drive and we went out of the parking lot and into the warm sun. As we pulled onto the street to the cafe there was a bunch of cars all lined up, I was about to turn into the cafe's parking lot. "What are you doing its that way" she pointed to the parking lot where all the other people where parked. I looked up to the shinny sparkling sign that said "Megan's Cafe!" in huge letters and then in little letter is said 'Harrys too' haha thanks Megan for being so generous. I parked the car and we got out, megan immediately started off to the building. I got out of the car and didn't follow her I stood there looking across the way at the run down closed building with no business. I started to walk towards it, I looked back to see that Megan was gone so I got out my keys and found the one that goes to the cafe. I put it in the door and turned it , it clicked and the door slowly creaked open. The building smelled like its familiar dust and dirt, with a hint of old age and rotten eggs. I closed the door behind me and flipped the light switch it didn't work , I flipped it again nothing. Although its not surprising the lights here have never been very good but there is always a trick. I grabbed a chir from under one of the dust table, I wobbled it making sure it wouldn't collapses, when I knew it was good I climbed up in it and jiggled the light until it turned on. I hopped off of the chair and out it back where it belonged, the sun was going down so with the light it helped me see the room. Wow with the light it really brough out the dinginess of the building and dirtiest. I hopped I over the corner and went into the kitchen , i walked I over to the sink and turned it on , of corse the waters still yellow. I smiled at the wonderful familiar sight of the yellow water. I went back to the main room and sat in the counter , I pulled my knees up to my chin and wrapped my arms around my legs.

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