Tuff Love

a sweet 17 year old girl is just a shy, quiett person with no friends. But when she turns 18, she decides to join the army. big mistake. a month before she needs to go to war, she falls deeply, madly in love for Niall Horan, from One Direction. The start to date and are in love but what will happen when she leaves to go to the army? will the break apart or will Niall have to stay there for all those months without her? how will she be able to tell him? how will he take it? find out in , TUFF LOVE...


3. Nialls POV

Nialls POV

I cant believe it! my best friend is leaving for the army in two days. i had finally kissed her and we were having movie night later. I was a HUGE softy so the minute she closed the door and i turned around, i began to cry my eyes out. by the time i got back to my flat, i was soaked in tears. i opened the door and went inside , starteled by harry saying, ''whats wrong mate?'' "nothing'', i lied. ''well something is wrong because you look like you were stabbed in the heart'', he chuckled.'' i have'', i mumbled , letting two tears escape . ''oh'', was all he said before all the boys came rushing into the room. they noticed me and the room grew silent.''guys'', i began,'' i have something to tell you'', i said, chokeing on my words. '' my friend ,amy, she is...she is...'' i couldnt help it i couldnt say it. i began to ball my eyes out, not able to stop the tears.''what is it, mate?'' ,liam said in a conserned voice. i just handed him the letter and he quickly scanned it.''oh niall, it all right dont cry'', he said. ''NO! its not all right!'', i exclaimed.'' my best friend is leaving in TWO days for the army and there is nothing i can do about it!!'' all the boys shared surprised looks on their faces.''niall its ok'', Zayn began,'' how about we make this the best two days of her life and take her places, and let her have some fun before she leaves?'' ''ok'', was all i could say. i was soon wraped into a big group hug.'' wait what time is it?'' ''six thirty. why?'' , liam replied, ''because i need to bring amy over for movie night!! gotta go! bye guys!'', i said as they chuckled. i ran towards her house and knocked on her door, and waited for my beautiful amy to open to the door.

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