Tuff Love

a sweet 17 year old girl is just a shy, quiett person with no friends. But when she turns 18, she decides to join the army. big mistake. a month before she needs to go to war, she falls deeply, madly in love for Niall Horan, from One Direction. The start to date and are in love but what will happen when she leaves to go to the army? will the break apart or will Niall have to stay there for all those months without her? how will she be able to tell him? how will he take it? find out in , TUFF LOVE...



      It was a day before my 18th birthday. I wasnt having a party or anything because my mom and dad are dead and i have no friends. no guy has ever liked me and i live a boring life in a two bedroom apartment. For my 18th birthday, i am joining the army. ya, i know its risky and all but i have nothing to live for so what the heck? Oh! By the way i am Amy! I do like , correction, LOVE a guy named Niall Horan. Yes THE Niall Horan, from One Direction. I know so does every girl in the world but he and i are neighbors and best friends but ever since the X-Factor, we havent really talked. I heard that next week he is coming back to Ireland because he is on break! i cant wait to see him! then i can tell him that i am leaving. Man, that was a sad way to end an exciting sentence!

      I heard a knock on the door, snaping out of my thoughts. Wonder who that could be? i get up and open the door and to my surprise, it was Niall! "NIALL!!!!", i exclaim. "What are you doing here?!" "You didnt think i would miss my best friends 18th birthday now would you?" i giggled "well its nice to see you niall!" "you too, Amy!" "Well dont just stand there! Come on in!!" "oh do you mind that i brough a couple of friends with me?", he asked "no its fine", i replied just glad to see niall. "great!" , he replied with a grin. niall came in , followed by four other boys, "hi i am Liam""I am Zayn""i am Harry" "AND I AM LOUIS!!!" I giggled at Lois sillyness as they all waked through the door. oh no. i almost forgot that i needed to tell niall about me going to the army! i needed to leave in five days!! i cant tell him now!! he just got back! i needed to tell him. i sighed just thinking about it. now i TOTALLY regret filling out all those papers. then again, they werent that fun in the first place. What was i going to do?

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