Update on new movellas and ideas for movellas :)

Don't know if I could but this in journalism but what the heck :)

Just for updates on new movellas and my ideas for new movellas


6. SYT

Right so I am working on Ancient magic and SYT right now but I'm having a spot of writers block, so I can't guarantee that I will have anything out tomorrow for any movella but if your lucky I might manage a short chapter so no hate if its short but I really don't want to rush it so ill do what I can do.

I actually have no idea why I didn't go to sleep last night as it 7:20am and iv not slept at all, whoopsies!

Anyway in short ill update ASAP but don't want to rush, and I had no sleep!

OH!!! Before I forget about this I'm writing a Niall Horan fanfic called Saving my best friend (I might refer to it as SMBF), I'll put the cover up soon as I'm not finished the first chapter

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