Update on new movellas and ideas for movellas :)

Don't know if I could but this in journalism but what the heck :)

Just for updates on new movellas and my ideas for new movellas


5. New story idea!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!

Story idea time!
(Sorry if this is hard to understand just drank a whole bottle of irn bru and now I'm hyper so if it is weird at points that's why)

I was thinking on doing a fan fiction......
On the 5 and only......
Yes that right I'm going to try and write a fan fiction about Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik!!!!!

Iv never done a fan fiction before so if it does end up being rubbish I apologise
I know everyone does fan fictions on ONE DIRECTION but you know haters gonna hate, bitches gonna bitch and dogs gonna bark. What can I do about it?

At some point I may hold a competition for new characters but who knows

I'm also going to try and write in P.O.V's never done that either :)

So as you can tell this will pretty much be a stexperimy (story/experiment)

Keira x
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