Update on new movellas and ideas for movellas :)

Don't know if I could but this in journalism but what the heck :)

Just for updates on new movellas and my ideas for new movellas


7. I'm a bad person, sorry!

I'm really sorry I haven't updated my movellas in a while but iv been really busy, falling through attics and nearly dying, homework, great great aunties turning 90 and just sleeping.

But anyway I'm really sorry for not updating in a while but I'm stuck open what to write in these movellas and I have written some for new chapters but not enough to publish.

I probably won't be writing chapters today as I have to tidy up (I wrecked the living room), I might be going to the cinema with my bestfriend and then going to Pizza Hut, and shopping. So iv got a lot to do as it takes like a million years for my to clean up :/

I really hope your all not mad at me and I'm sorry! I will try to update ASAP and please don't de-favourite!

So keep being you!

KeiraLovesFashion xx
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