Update on new movellas and ideas for movellas :)

Don't know if I could but this in journalism but what the heck :)

Just for updates on new movellas and my ideas for new movellas


2. Ancient Magic :)

Well I haven't put this one up yet as I'm waiting till I get some more fans and until I finish it as I really like this story as you can tell its about magic.


"T-Tiffany are we going to die?" I'm glad that was the only question right now "No"
I kept the force field up with one hand whilst I threw knock out spells tat them I get 10 of theese for one spell so if I get perfect aim they'll all be out and I can transport them some where can I just add this is advanced magic stuff I haven't practised before I got them all out took the orcefield down then transported them to the desert the blast from that though knocked us all down I quickly got up and ran over to them "Are you guys ok? Im so sorry this is all my fault" I tried to help Claire up but she hit my hand away "Get away from me, charity was right you are a freak!" wow that one hurt "I thought we could trust you! All that crap about your aunt and parents it was all made up!" that one really hurt "That's enough Claire!" "Alex said

Hope you like the extract :)
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