Update on new movellas and ideas for movellas :)

Don't know if I could but this in journalism but what the heck :)

Just for updates on new movellas and my ideas for new movellas


1. Introduction


Well I made this just so you can know about the movellas that I haven't published, ideas, extracts and to sometimes save me having o make authors note chapters.

I will say about how it's going with the writing for new movellas.
About extracts from unpublished chapters/movellas.
Ideas for new movellas.
And authors notes :)

If you actually read this possibly useless movella, thanks! And if you want an extract from any movella that isn't published or a bit from a new chapter let me know in the comments.
Also I want your opinion on my ideas, and if you have any ideas for movellas or if im stuck on what to write for a chapter down in the comments :)
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