Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


6. The Slumber Party

“That was the best night of my life” Emma said to Liam as they got in a taxi to go back to Liam’s, “one of mine too,” Liam replied as he moved his hand onto Emmas leg and she put her hand on top of his. He pecked her on the cheek and Emma kissed him on the lips, they sat starring into each other’s eyes for the rest of the journey home.

They got out of the cab and then Liam held the door open for Emma, “Liam you’re so romantic” Emma said as she quickly kissed Liam again on the lips. They walked to the house, holding hands and Liam knocked, his dad answered, “dad meet Emma, she’s my girlfriend, Emma meet Geoff, he’s my dad” “Hi, it’s nice to meet you” Emma shyly said to Geoff  “you too, you seem like a very polite girl, are you staying the night?” Liam quickly stepped in “yeah she is dad, but we aren’t sleeping in the same room don’t worry, she’s only young. Can we come in now, its kinda cold out here?”

Geoff let us in and Liam took me up to the spare bedroom, he explained that while he did own his own house, he decided that tonight he would bring me to meet his parents. “Goodnight” he said dropping off Emma’s bag from downstairs and kissing her gently. “Liam cant we watch a movie or something, I don’t really feel like sleeping when I could spend more time with you, it’s only half 12,” I asked. “Okay yeah Emma, put on your pjs and then come to my room, we can watch one in my bed and then if you fall asleep I’ll carry you back her.

Emma got changed and felt really excited, she was about to see inside Liam Payne’s bedroom, wow. Liam’s was closed when she was done, so Emma knocked on Liam’s door, he told her to come in but when she walked in he hadn’t manage to pull his top over his head yet. “Liam!” Emma said rather dramatically but almost as if she was telling him off in a funny way.  “Oopsy” he replied sarcastically as he pulled the duvet off his double bed and got in, Emma climbed in cautiously, as much as she loved Liam she didn’t want to lose her virginity at age 15. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything remember I’m Daddy Direction, the sensible one?” Liam said calmly and I believed him, I got into his bed and we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre together, he was the one that was scared, whilst Emma laughed the whole way through.

At the end, Liam led her to her bedroom and kissed her gently on the forehead and whispered to her, “Emma you mean the world to me, goodnight babe, I love you” “Goodnight Liam, thank you, I love you too” Emma said as she kissed Liam passionately on the lips and then walked back into her bedroom.

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