Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


8. The Second Party Gone Wrong

After they had finished watching their chosen film, One Day, Liam told Emma about the boys birthday meals that happen every year, “basically, every year the night after the party, all the boys and their girlfriends go out to Nandos just to have a get together. But there’s one rule, no kissing, hugging our holding hands under the table, apart from the birthday boy, who has to have a full on 2 minute kiss with anyone of their choice, with tongues and everything. So can we manage that?” “Its going to be hard but we’ll do it, who’s Harry going to kiss, he don’t have a girlfriend?” Emma questioned, surely he wouldn’t do it with one of the boys? “Haven’t you heard of Larry before?” Liam replied giggling, Emma was in hysterics and fell of the bed her laugh cracked Liam up so before you know it they were both in tears of laughter.

They headed off to Nandos back in London, another 1 hour and a half drive, but at least they would only have to leave at half 6 to be able to get Emma home on time. By the time they arrived, Niall was already there and so was Harry but Louis and Zayn were probably running late. “Where’s the others I thought we were supposed to be here at 2, it’s like five past already?” Liam asked after sitting down and greeting the boys, “Louis text to say about traffic and you know how long it takes Zayn to get ready” Harry replied laughi8ng at his own joke at the end.

Emma was still standing there awkwardly, this was a bad idea to come, she should’ve just let Liam go with the boys, it would have been easier for him, less worry if she was okay. “Why aren’t you sitting down Emma?” Niall asked, “errm, where should i sit she replied shyly?” Liam moved up and let her sit between him and Niall. “This is how we usually sit, Daniele liked to steal food from my plate” Niall stated, Liam’s faced dropped; you could tell he was missing Daniele but he remembered Emma and the smile on his face grew back even bigger. He leaned in to kiss Emma and Harry glared at him “Liam, what’s the ruleee” he said with such humour that Niall burst into laughter. Emma had gone from an uncomfortable smile to a huge grin, she heard Niall’s laugh in person, another tick on her list, “your laughs amazing” she said to Niall, “why thank you, I do it myself” now everyone was laughing apart Liam that was uncomfortable, Niall was flirting was his girl and she flirted with him.

Niall saw Liam and asked him to have a word in private, they went to the toilet, “look bro, she’s your girl, I’m not taking her away from you, she’s got such a good humour we’re just having a bit of banter don’t worry man, I would never take her away from you.” Liam smiled at him “thanks bro, its just thats how I lost Daniele, there was another guy and well I never told anyone but yeah its true, I don’t want it to happen with Emma too.”

By the time they were back in the room, Zayn and Perrie and Louis and Eleanor had arrived Emma was comfortable around the boys, they ordered and all of them got drunk, Emma found them the most hilairious people ever when they were drunk. It came to time to have the birthday boys kiss “Harry, now is the time, who you going to choose” a very drunk Zayn said. Emma got her camera ready to film this; it was going to be so funny.

 “Erm I pick...... EMMA!” Harry stumbled over to Emma, she didn’t know what to think, was it just because he was drunk or did he actually want to kiss her. She wanted to see a Larry kiss, “Harry, no, you can’t do that she’s my girl” Liam pushed Harry away as he came up to Emma, “c’mon Liam, have a bit of a laugh, it’s only a joke man, I can choose who ever  I want and for a change I wanna kiss a girl so let me!” Harry went back up to Emma and she felt his lips touch hers, what was she supposed to do, kiss him back or not? Liam pushed Harry away “CAN’T YOU SEE THE TWO OTHER GIRLS OF YOUR AGE OVER THERE EMMA IS MINE, I’VE ALREADY LOST A GIRL TO ANOTHER GUY AND I’M NOT LOSING EMMA TO A BAND MATE” Liam screamed at Harry, he got his jacket took Emma’s hand and walked out of the restaurant with tears falling from his eyes.

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