Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


7. The Phone Call With Emma’s Mum

‘5 missed call’ the first thing Emma saw as she turned her phone on the next morning, “ooh dear” Emma thought, “this cannot be good.” She checker her bbm and again she saw a message from mum, “explain this, you aren’t allowed” was all she saw, slowly and regrettably she opened the chat, there was a picture of a news paper front cover, it was her and Liam holding hands and kissing. “Explain this, you aren’t allowed to date, what did I tell you, you lied to me, and now you’re at Liam’s if I find out anything happened you will be no longer living in my house do you hear this. You better get home quick and explain yourself!” Emma burst into tears, her dream had come true and her mum was going to ruin it, she was dating Liam Payne, not just anyone, she couldn’t just come back to him in a couple of years, it was now or never.

“Liam” Emma cried out to him, he came running to her room, “yes Emma, are you okay, whats the matter?” He looked worried and Emma showed him her phone, he face was surprised and anxious, “ooh, Emma I don’t know what to do, maybe I should call her now, with my parents too, try and sort it out”

Liam led Emma down to his parents , who, were watching TV, he explained what was happening and that he wanted to call Emma’s mum and try to reason with her. Liam’s parents said they would help, as though knew how madly he was in love with Emma.

Liam typed Emmas mum number into the phone and pressed the green button, he put it down and pressed speaker, Emma was told to go get changed, they wanted to try to keep the conversation calm, if she was needed, Liam would come get her.

“Who is this?” Emma’s mum said. “Um, hi, I’m Liam from one direction, the boy with your daughter last night, I just wanted to apology for not meeting you first it was all such a rush and I really wanted Emma to go last night. It was Harry’s party, Louis and Zayn had girlfriends, Niall had planned to meet up with a fried there and Harry could have as many girls as he wanted, I was just alone. I know it would have been the gentlemen thing to do and I’m really sorry and I don’t want you to stop me and Emma and I just I’m really sorry, sorry,” tears started to come from Liam’s eyes as he said this, he only just met Emma but knew there was something between them and didn’t want anyone in their way. “Liam, darling it’s okay, you go now for a while, go and see Emma, we will sort this out, don’t worry” Karen, Liam’s mum, said on behalf of her and Liam’s dad. Liam went up the stairs crying, he knocked on Emma’ door and asked if he could come in, she said yes and he walked in sat down on the bed and they hugged, a long, comforting and cute hug.

“Hi, I’m Liam’s mum, Karen, and this is Liam’s dad, Geoff, we just want to say, Liam is one of the most sensible boys we know, and we’re not just saying it cause he’s our son, he’s a genuinely nice boy and would do anything toi stop your daughter from being hurt.” “Well Karen, I don’t care how good of a boy this Liam is, Emma is 15 not 19, like your son, 4 years and I don’t want to see her heartbroken by someone after he has just used her and she’s lost her  virginity, she lied to me about last night, how can i ever trust her again?” Emma’s mum replied in an extremely harsh tone. “Have you ever wondered that the reason she didn’t tell you was because she didn’t want to miss this opportunity, the amount of girls that want to be uin her position right now is extraordinary, if you gave her more freedom then perhaps she would tell you stuff.” Geoff replied reasonably “Last night, I heard her talking to someone, I looked and it was a poster ‘Liam, that was the best night, I’ve met the real you, the real all of you and that’s all I ever wanted. No matter what happens you five boys are always going to be the most important people in my life, I don’t care what anyone says. You’ve always been there for me and I will always be there for you, I can tell you anything and your there when no one else is, you always make me happy thank you. If Liam breaks up with me, then I’m still going to  love you and it isn’t going to stop anything, but I hope he doesn’t, because I really do love him now, even more than before. It’s just amazing and I never want you to stop, thank you boy, I love you.’ She said and then she didn’t kiss you poster, she hugged it and I saw the emotion in that hug, this means everything to her and Liam, please let them be,” Geoff said.

Emma’s mum fell silent, her dad came to the phone now, “Well, I want to meet this before we decide anything, she needs to be back before seven tonight, then I want him to come in, and then I will make up my mind.” “Okay then, that’s what we will do, I didn’t actually realise how important One Direction were to her, I just thought they were a boyband, I knew she was obsessed but I didn’t realise it was emotional as well,” Emma’s mum said, for the first time realising Emma’s love and showing some emotion.  “Goodbye then, thank you for reasoning with us, it will mean a lot to both of them” Karen said “Goodbye” Vivian said and cut the phone.

“Liam come down here,” Geoff shouted up, Emma and Liam walked down the stairs hand in hand as a representation of their love, “Emma,” Vivian said, Emma prepared for the bad news, 2they said they want to meet Liam and go from there, as long as your home by seven tonight” Emma jumped with joy and then hugged Liam as they did a High School Musical inspired leap into the air holding hands, Liam kissed Emma on the cheek and Liam’s parents smiled, “this is the happiest Liams ever been, even with Daniele, he has never been this happy” Karen said to Geoff as Liam and Emma ran up the stairs together to watch another film, this time a love story.

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