Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


9. The Bands Splitting Up Over a Girl

Emma phoned her parents and explained Liam was really upset and she was coming home early but Liam wouldn’t be able to speak to them tonight, he would come over the next morning. He booked her a taxi and then she went home, they said goodbye and hugged before she got in, nothing more.

After leaving the restaurant, Niall was asked if the Band had officially split up “no, I don’t think so, even if one of us does leave then we are going to continue, we aren’t going to break up over a girl” he replied quickly as he continued to walk to his cab. His words were twisted by so many reporters and everyone found out- One Direction were breaking up officially.

The next morning, it was all over the papers, “One Direction Have No More Direction” “Girl Breaks The Direction” “Directioner Changes The One Direction” Emma read at and broke down, why was she being made the bad guy, she didn’t do anything. By now, most of the class know about her and Liam; some offered support and sympathy, while most laughed in her face or got angry at her for what she supposedly did. There was no way she wanted the boys to break up, she called Liam “It’s over” she said, with as much strength as should could and cut the phone.

Liam didn’t know what to do, whether to feel angry at her or sympthetic for what she was going through, there was one emotion he was sure of though, he was distraught. This was the first girl he’d ever really clicked with and well now she was gone due to stupid media attention, why did they always get in the way, it wasn’t fair.

‘Harry, I’m sorry about yesterday, can we just make it up, hug it out man, we were both drunk and I just took it the wrong way, you know I love you’ Liam sent to Harry, he wasn’t losing this band and his girl on the first day, that weren’t happening it just wasn’t.

‘No Liam, don’t apologise, it was my fault I should never had done that, I took it to far, I didn’t realise what had happened with Daniele, I was too drunk and I just went out of control, sorry bro I love yaa to man’ Harry replied, he knew he was in the wrong from the moment Liam left but just didn’t want to say the wrong thing, especially while Liam was still upset.

Before replying to that, Liam phoned Emma back up, she declined, and then text him ‘Liam it’s done, I’m not breaking the most important thing in my life up, I am already getting abuse and it isn’t right, you and the boys sort things out and continue what you were doing before I came along, I’m gonna miss you but I can’t do it to Directioners, sorry, I have always loved you and always will, thank you these have been the best days of my life, this is goodbye x’ Emma replied regrettedly as tears continued to stream down her face, she didn’t want it too end, but then again she didn’t want One Direction to come to an end, she couldn’t do that to people.

Before Liam got that message, he received one from Daniele, ‘Babe, I heard you broke up with Emma, are you okay, do you want to come round maybe I can cheer you up’ He quickly replied ‘We have not broken up, the papers are lying, you left me, don’t come crawling back just cause the ever guy left you, no I’m fine’. Then he received Emma’s message and called her again, ‘Pick up Emma, I need to explain’ he sent just before he called her.

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