Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


2. Meeting Her Idols

So now was the time, 2 minutes left of maths and then she could leave, she would see them, it was so close but yet so far. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 RINGGGG. Those ten seconds seemed to last forever, she literally jumped out her seat ran out the classroom, Quickly checked herself in the mirror, ran out of the school gate and jumped in her mums car. She began to change from her uniform and couldn’t control her excitement. While she was in the car Kiss You came on and she started jumping around, forgetting she was half dressed.

She finally got to Lakeside, where the signing was being held, the amount of girls there was outstanding, she felt like crying, why were there so many people there, it was only 1, another hour of queuing but it would be worth it she could hold out that long, as soon as her mum left maybe she could socialize. “Emma why is this queue so long she moaned, I’m going to have to wait with you, I don’t trust you staying here by yourself you aren’t old enough,” Emma’s mum, Vivian, complained. Emma moaned silently why was she so over protective? It was annoying.

 The time dragged with Emma’s mum constantly moaning and not letting her socialize, finally it was quarter to 2 and the boys arrived, she saw them in person and she was already happy how was she going be like when she se actually met them in person. Finally the clock hit 2 and the management welcomed everyone followed by the boys them self, there were so many screams, another reason for Emma’s mum to moan but this time Emma didn’t care, she was so happy.  Liam then spoke about his split with Daniele, he told us not too hate on her and he that he could understand her reasons, everyone could see the pain in his eyes. Harry spoke about his birthday, which was the next day, and Niall brought out his guitar and boys led everyone in a special Happy Birthday.

She had another 2 hour wait until she began to get near to the queue, now she could actually see the boys and had to pay her £25, now she was guaranteed to meet them, she couldn’t contain her excitement. After another 5 minute wait, she was at the front of the queue now she got her gifts ready and looked at the boys, Liam was on the end he spotted her and wave, he started blushing. He nudged Zayn and whispered “look at that girl she’s so beautiful” just before Emma walked over to the meeting table.

Liam reached out his hand and Emma held it she almost collapsed and looked really dizzy, Liam got up from his seat and sat her down, “are you okay?” he asked with an extremely worried looked “I love you” Emma whispered back as she stood up, she moved along the boys and was just so excited. Emma gave Harry his present, the boys each a letter and poster, she had spent her whole life on those letters they meant everything to her and she always wanted to give them to her heroes and this was her chance. She whispered goodbye after being forced to leave by Paul, she waved at Josh and left. Emma burst into tears, she was so happy and she just couldn’t contain herself.

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