Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


3. Liam's New Girl

“Emma stop crying, it’s embarrassing,” Vivian said in a harsh tone. Emma tried and her tears turned into sniffles.

“Someone’s in love,” Zayn mimicked after the next fan had passed them, “Yes but what should I do she’s gone now, I had my time and I missed it I’m such an idiot!” Liam said, almost crying into Zayns shoulder. “I tell you what bro, she probably hasn’t left, I’ll go get her number, just let me speak to this fan first, then I’ll go,” Zayn replied helpfully “Thanks man, your the best!” Liam told Zayn, man crush, awesome Ziam moment.

“Hey, um, you there the one just outside Starbucks, with the brown hair, blue top, vans,” Zayn shouted , “think your names Emma!” “ME, ME, ZAYN YOU ARE TALKING TO ME, ME?” Emma shouted surprisingly and turned around. “Yeah, you, Emma, quick come over here!” Emma ran over to Zayn and he asked for her number after explaining what happened with Liam, I burst into tears all over again could this day get any better.

“Bro, Liam I got it here you go, she has a blackberry and iPod so you can iMessage as well as text her, got her email, address and number for you we’re all sorted!” Zayn looked almost as excited as Liam as he said that, “OMG Zayn  your so prepared thank you so much how can I thank you, best brother ever” Liam was tearing up ahhh another cute Ziam moment

“Mum, did that just happen!” Emma asked her mum, without, even thinking about her mums rules, “Emma, it did and what are my rules about dating, it doesn’t happen,” Emma tried to explain to her the opportunity this was, no one ever gets asked out by one of the boys at a signing, she almost came through but decided she would speak to Emma’s dad, Dave, this was an obvious no.


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