Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


5. Harry's Party

Emma got ready, into her new dress, intended for a disco the next day which she decided it would be best not to go to as she wasn’t sure about what was going to happen with Liam that day. She had had her bag packed since Liam had told her that she could sleep over- pyjamas, not too short and one direction of course, vans, jeans and a Ralph polo- she was so excited and had been ready for 3 hours by the time Liam picked her up at 6. ‘I’m on my way babe xx’ was the text she received at 5:23 exactly, Liam was 5 minutes early but she was already at the door waiting.

“Mum you gotta go to the door to get her, she aint allowed to date and she supposed to be coming for a sleepover with a friend” Liam whispered to his mum, Karen, as he scrunched himself up in the back seat to make himself invisible from Emma’s mum.

“Bye” Emma shouted as she walked out the door and got into Liam’s mum’s car, she got in the back with Liam and he stayed down until they were out of sight from the house. “Hi Emma” Liam said as he kissed Emma awkwardly on the cheek, Emma blushed and said an unconfident hi. Liam asked a few questions and Emma grew silently more confident around him, by the time they got to the party which was an hour and a half away, Emma and Liam were joking around with each other and were a lot more confident.

Liam and Emma got out of the car together, Liam took Emma’s hand as kissed it and said to her “don’t be scared around anyone tonight, and don’t scream in their faces, that was another reason I fell in love with you, stay with me and you’ll be okay babe, and don’t worry about them drinking, I won’t drink tonight so we can be non alcoholics together.” Emma looked up at Liam and had the biggest smile ever on her face and said “thanks Liam, can I just say I love you.” “I love you too baby, from the moment I touched your hand I felt the spark and I knew you were the one for me.” They hugged and walked in together holding hands, the relationship was now public news.

“Hi boys, meet Emma, the girl I met at the signing,” Liam said after he walked over to a group of guys, some with girls, which Emma instantly knew were One Direction. Each member hugged Emma and she felt like the luckiest girl in the world. They offered Liam a drink “no,” he said, “I’m not drinking tonight for Emma.” They socialized and Emma was always introduced as ‘my girlfriend’ by Liam, every time her face lit up. Live While We’re Young was played, Emma started jumping around.

Then, almost at the end of the party, Little Things was played, Liam took Emma’s hand and led her to the dance floor, “I can’t dance,” she protested. “Neither can I so that’s fine” Liam replied kiss Emma’s cheek. They slowed danced silently for a while, “Emma I really, truly love you and tonight, no matter what you say or anybody else, in my eyes you are the prettiest girl in the room.” “Liam I could never be... “Stop,” Liam said softly as his lips met Emma’s and they kissed passionately until Little Things stopped playing and they heard the beat of Bruno Mars Locked of Heaven, they began to jump around as Liam comically sung it to Emma.

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