Love Forever?

Emma meets her heroes at a signing,Liam gets her number and they meet up, with so many hurdles in there way, will there realtionship last forever?


1. A Dream Come True

 “Emma we have a surprise for you” the first thing her mum said to her as she got in from school, “you know one direction are your idols and you love them so much,” she continued, “well we have decided to take you too that signing during school” Emma jumped with joy, she was so happy, this was the best moment of her life and she couldn’t believe “thank you so much” she said as she ran up the stairs to tell her friends. One thing she didn’t do was hug her family, as most people would, they didn’t exactly get along.

The next thing she needed to do was pick her outfit, she spent the whole night deciding and when she eventually picked she fell asleep. She woke up the next morning to the news Liam and Danielle had broken up, she felt really bad for Liam, Danielle wanted to go her own way, and she couldn’t put up with the Directioner fandom anymore. Still, now there were 3 single members, NOW SHE HAS A BETTER CHANCE WITH THEM!!!

A she walked into school that morning everyone came running up too her, asking for signatures and pictures, she said she would do what she could but she wasn’t sure. She was leaving school at quarter to 1, when lunch started. The signing was at 2 so she could start queuing she would be really near the back but ooh well she was gonna meet them, her life her everything she was going to meet them and that was all that mattered.


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