Love At First Sight

Lilliana has a normal life in England and has always loved One Direction. Lilliana and her best friend Emily bought tickets to their concert and of course they were front row tickets. As they started to sing Harry and Niall noticed the two girls as they were leaving to get autographs. Louis stops them and asks them to stay and hang out for a while. But whenever Harry and Lilliana were left alone in a room, they began to move closer and closer until they were no more than a kiss away to becoming something more.


6. Problems with Zayn

Lilliana's P.O.V: We heard a scream and we quickly stood up and ran into the living area. We ran into Zayn's room to find him face down on the bed crying. "What's wrong?" I asked a bit too shyly. "M-My hair was ruined!!!" He then began to cry again. I heard everyone let out a big sigh and walk away. Harry stayed with me though. I went over to Zayn ignoring the fact that Harry was still in the doorway staring at me. "Oh Zayn. Only you." I said with a smile and a laugh. I then began to sing him a lullaby my mum used to sing to me when I was sad."Oh don't you worry to much. Let's not worry at all. Let us just fall into each other and sleep, a well rested sleep. Starve your fears and feed your dreams as you will eventually have a smile crept onto your beautiful face. Oh don't you worry to much, Let's just not worry at all."

Harry's P.O.V: Her voice was amazing. Even though I began to get a bit jealous whenever she sat by him and stroked his head. By the end he was asleep and she got up and turned off the light, closed the door and grabbed my hand and walked back to my room. "Your voice is amazing." I said to her and you could tell she was already used to it. "Thanks. My mum used to sing that lullaby to me when I was sad." I began to get a bit anxious about her trying to kiss me earlier. We both sat on the edge of the bed, still fingers intertwined. And I couldn't help it anymore, I leaned in and gently kissed her soft lips.



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