Love At First Sight

Lilliana has a normal life in England and has always loved One Direction. Lilliana and her best friend Emily bought tickets to their concert and of course they were front row tickets. As they started to sing Harry and Niall noticed the two girls as they were leaving to get autographs. Louis stops them and asks them to stay and hang out for a while. But whenever Harry and Lilliana were left alone in a room, they began to move closer and closer until they were no more than a kiss away to becoming something more.


5. Only A Kiss Away

Harry's P.O.V: She let out a sigh and her cheeks began to slowly turn back to normal. I smiled to myself. Relieved that she really didn't take it the wrong way. "So, do you want to do somethi-" I was cut off to Louis screaming "NOOOOO!!!!! WE ARE ALL OUT OF CARROTS!!!!!!" She laughed. It was the cutest laugh i have ever heard. Then she snorted. "Pssshhh!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" She laughed really hard and I began to laugh with her. She fell back on the bed and I followed after. She sat on her elbows and stared at me. I then to sat on my elbows. I think I was lost in her eyes because she was saying my name in a playful way over and over again. I was finally snapped back to reality when she went in to kiss me but then pulled back away blushing a little bit.

Lilliana's P.O.V: We were just staring into each others eyes and I said his name once, then twice. He was like in his own little world. I finally didn't resist the urge and tried going in for a kiss, but then backed away. And after that it seemed he snapped back to reality.

Niall's P.O.V: After Harry pulled Lilliana away to his bedroom, it was just me and Emily sitting on the couch watching cartoons. She laughed at what had to be something funny, but I didn't catch it because I was to busy being a creep staring at her. She caught me and I looked down and blushed. She copied me. Her long blonde hair fell in front of her face and she started to laugh at me. "What?" I said sheepily. "Oh nothing. It's just quite funny that you haven't seen that I'm copying everything you do." She said with a smirk now laying on her face. 

Emily's P.O.V: He just laughed and was scooting closer to me, or at least trying to without me noticing. I finally just gave in and fell onto the front side of him. So he was lying behind me. I could feel a smile on his lips as he slowly put his arm over me. We continued to keep our attention on the cartoons. Until Louis came in screaming and running around saying, "NOOOOOO!!!! WE ARE ALL OUT OF CARROTS!!!!!" I could feel his laugh on my back and I started to laugh really hard. Louis then came in faking a pout. "Stop laughing at me and go buy me some more carrots!" he demanded. We just couldn't stop laughing. Until we heard a scream come out of Zayn's room.

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