Love At First Sight

Lilliana has a normal life in England and has always loved One Direction. Lilliana and her best friend Emily bought tickets to their concert and of course they were front row tickets. As they started to sing Harry and Niall noticed the two girls as they were leaving to get autographs. Louis stops them and asks them to stay and hang out for a while. But whenever Harry and Lilliana were left alone in a room, they began to move closer and closer until they were no more than a kiss away to becoming something more.


3. Hanging Out With One Direction!!!

Harry's P.O.V: As soon as I had skimmed across the front row, I had stopped and stared at this beautiful girl. She was staring off in space and then she came back to reality and started to lock eye contact with me. I smiled as she was blushing. Then I was snapped back into reality as Louis slapped my arm and said into the microphone, " You alright there mate? Or are you to busy staring at your girlfriend?" I blushed and looked at her she was laughing and was beet red. I smiled and continued with the next song which was perfect for the moment that was happening, Nobody Compares. I sometime caught her singing along with my solo parts. It was cute.

Niall's P.O.V: Like Harry, I looked off into his direction and saw two girls, one was beet red and the other just staring at me and she slightly smiled when she noticed. It was cute. I smiled back and I started to feel my cheeks heat up. Louis slapped Harry and said, You alright there mate? Or are you to busy staring at your girlfriend?" I slightly laughed and looked back at her while she was making a cute laugh. Even though I couldn't hear her, I already knew it was cute. I think I had just found my princess. 

Emily's P.O.V: I felt the heat rising in my cheeks. I felt Niall staring at me. I just looked down and smirked. By then the concert was half way over and this is when they give out backstage passes. As Niall and Harry walked over to me and Liliana, I started to fan girl in my head as Niall held my hand and put the pass in my hand. I looked up at his blue, heavenly eyes, and I literally got lost in his them.

Lilliana's P.O.V: Harry also slipped another small ripped piece of paper in my hand underneath the pass. He then closed my hand and I looked up to his perfect, green eyes. He winked at me then laughed. I got red in the cheeks and he chuckled into the microphone and went on with the next song. 

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