Love At First Sight

Lilliana has a normal life in England and has always loved One Direction. Lilliana and her best friend Emily bought tickets to their concert and of course they were front row tickets. As they started to sing Harry and Niall noticed the two girls as they were leaving to get autographs. Louis stops them and asks them to stay and hang out for a while. But whenever Harry and Lilliana were left alone in a room, they began to move closer and closer until they were no more than a kiss away to becoming something more.


2. Fan Girling Over The Truth

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!" I screamed and we started to hug and jump at the same time. "I told you I wasn't lying!!!" She said while raising her voice at the end. I sat down on the bed and texted my mum to tell her I was staying over at Emily's. I didn't really bother asking her because I had already known the answer. ''What time is the concert?!" I nearly yelled at her. "Tomorrow at 6:30!!!" She yelled back. 

Next day around 12:00 at noon...

     As I slowly opened my eyes, I looked at the clock revealing the time. "Shit!!" I nearly screamed. "WHAT!!!???" Emily too screamed. "It's time to get up!! It's 12:00!!!!" "OH SHIT!" She screamed. "We have to get ready!!! An hour passed and it was around 1:30 ish by the time we ran over to my house to get clothes and back. We had planned to wear matching yet sort of different outfits. I wore a blue tank-top that had said One Direction My Loves, on it and she had the same thing but yet hers was different because her tank-top was orange. We both wore jean shorts with white flip-flops because it was in the middle of summer. 

Later that night.....

''I can't believe that we are actually sitting in the front row of a One Direction concert." Emily had said quite calm surprisingly over the screams and yells of the fans behind us. They started to run off on stage and greet everyone. Em and I were literally going insane!! We were screaming, "I love you Niall and Harry!!" Like the whole time. I had always had a big crush on Harry... Well didn't everyone? And for a moment of thinking to myself, I looked back up on stage to find Harry locking eye contact with me.

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