In love with my teacher?

Hayley Williams, 16 and a popular cheerleader, with her 3 best friends: Alison, Danielle abd Eleanor, she's the most popular girl in school, but she isnt a plastic, but, what happens when she falls in love with her new english teacher Louis Tomlinson? Will things change for good? Ha! Not even close.


1. A day at school

-Hayley`s POV-

I was walking down the hall with my three best friends behind me.

Eleanor, Danielle and Alison.

''Alison, I loveee your hair' I said to Alison while we headed to my locker.

''Thanks'' Alison said

''Hey, I heard the new english teacher was hot'' Eleanor said smiling

''Hay, do you pretend to have some fun with the new teacher?'' Danielle asked me

''Maybe, maybe not, it depends if the teacher is hot or not'' I responded back smiling

''Well, I heard he`s pretty hot'' Alison said teasing me, they all started to tease me.

''Stop! You know I have a crush on Harry'' I responded back

''But he has a girlfriend remember?'' Eleanor said

''Yes, I know! Her stupid little girlfriend'' I said looking at Hanna.

''But, she's nice you know?'' Danielle said

''Yes, I know! But, im jealous of her because she's Harry Styles's girlfriend! And I mean, he's the Harry Styles, the most popular boy in the school, every girl is on her knees for him!'' I said

''Even you...'' Eleanor said

''I know, but...'' I started saying when I felt someone pour cold water all over me.

''God! It's freezing!'' I yelled at whoever that poured me the water, I opened my eyes, there she was, my enemy, the one I wanna murder, Heather Stewart, god, how I hate her!

''Why did you do that!?'' I practically shouted at her.

''Because'' Heather said

''Fuck you Heather!'' I shouted at went toward the restroom, Alison, Danielle and Eleanor followed me.

''Are you okay?'' Danielle asked

''Yes! Im fucking fine!'' I shouted to her, she felt scared, I had never shouted at her in that way, I hugged her.

''Sorry Dani, I never meant to yell at you like that'' I said

''It's okay'' She smiled and we hugged again.


You liked it? In the next chapter Louis will be in it! Yay!!! So, what do you think? You liked it? You didnt? Comment below and add suggestions! Well, see you soon guys!

Love you!




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