Lifeless Doll

You don't decide who they are. You don't decide when they die. And most of all, you don't decide who they love. So why are you deciding? Is it for pleasure? Hate? Or do you just want to see how life work? Well, it doesn't matter. They'll still kick your ass.


2. Part two

Chapter two:

When you sail the sea, you better be strong, if not, you’ll die to soon for your own good. So you good with that? Yes, then you know who sails the sea and survives everything, it’s pretty surprising how strong they are.

On the ship that always puts up a fight; the Thousand Sunny, is calmly riding the waves underneath the airless sky. It was all quiet because everyone on board is still sleeping. It’s only three in the morning, but the one who has to keep watch today is Brook. He sits on the bench behind the steering wheel and wonders off to sleep, they had a battle against the marines before and he can‘t help but falling asleep.

Little does he know, that an island is approaching in the distance and that something’s heading for them. And so, the ting that’s heading towards them stops and gracefully lands on the railing of the ship.

“A skeleton with a afro?” The person on the railing step onto the deck of the ship and walks around the ship. “Hm, nice. Now lets see. Chinmoku no shizukesa.” The person who wears no shirt, which is were a green shirt is tied around their waist and has nicely formed abs. And with black crinkled pants, closes their eyes and concentrates on something. His straight brown messy hair flows with the wind.

Two minutes and he opens his eyes. “Nine people and all strong. One of them is a navigator, we don’t need one. Another is a sniper, not him either. A swordsman? Nope. What about a musician? No we got someone already. How about a shipwright? Uh, I’ll come back to that. So that leaves an archeologist, cook, and a doctor. Mmm, none of them will do. So that just a captain. Nah, never mind.”

The person turns around and faces the island. Here comes his partner. The person-partner lands on the railing in a frog position and puts a hand on their knee and rest their head in their hand.

“Sorry that I didn’t tell you about coming over here. I kind of left without warning. Please forgive me.”

His partner waves the other hand as if saying ‘whatever’ and then sits down and starts to sway their legs side to side. The boy-no man smiles and rubs the back of his neck.

It’s quiet for a few seconds and the man starts again. “There’s nine crew member. Yes, you were right, they’re the StrawHat pirates. But, we don’t need their help or so. Their strong but weaker than us.” His partner nods. The man pouts. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Did I do something? You aren’t usually this quiet.”

His partner shakes their head and yawns. The man sighs. “Let me guess, since I kept you up for a whole month training you and then coming to this island trying to find clues a few days ago, your beyond tiered and trying to surpass me in not sleeping. Right?”

His partner hums a yes and yawns again. “Of come on. You can’t be mad at me. I’m Shin the assassin after all.” Shin, has a devil fruit power. He has he silence silence fruit. Anything that can be heard from miles away, Shin can will disable it.

“So I found some traces, they’re pretty skilled to cover up their tracks and make it look like something else happened there. But, from the wind, cracks in the earth, and the hard magma seems to be the most damage trough out the city. The only thing is, the random hitting lighting storm seems a bit odd. I can’t explain that, because it wasn’t done by just the weather, must have been a person. But still, lighting? Through experience, no one in the world should have the same devil fruit. So, I can’t do anything there.”

Shin soon lays on the railing facing the sky. He knows that his partner and himself are fucking tired, but maybe they could sleep just a little bit before the pirates wake up.

“Lets sleep for a bit. If they wake up then we leave.” He looks over to see his partner sleeping already. He smiles, not surprising there. Quite breathing from the pirates and his partner lull him to sleep. “Hm, don’t worry kid. Your not a lifeless doll.”

<(-_-<) x (>^.^)>

Right before sunrise:

The StrawHat pirates aren’t wake yet and neither are the partners. Aren’t they? The assassins are still resting on the railing, but during the night, the ship landed on the island. So who anchored? The assassins did it for them. Ain’t that sweet. They even moved the skeleton into the boys dorm which was kind of hard to find, but you know, they got there.

The partners were both up and decided to have a look around the ship. They might need supplies or so. They’ve been to the girls dorm and boys and found nothing they need. They’ve been to a room that’s called ‘Usopp’s work shop’, and they’ve been to the bath house, they washed up a bit. Yes they took turns as the other went to search the ship. They’ve also been to the crows nest, library, overstating room, ‘Franky’s Weapon Development Room’, kitchen. They made some food. And cleaned up so it looked like no one was there. Also the dinning room.

“Ah. We couldn’t find anything useful. Is there any other rooms?” Shin’s complaining. His partner nods and points to a room they haven’t been in yet. He smiles and rushes to open the door. Oh yay, that’s quiet like an assassin.

His partner follows afterwards and comes into the room. Shin spins around and puts a finger to his lips. His partner looks over his shoulder and sees a reindeer sleeping. So this must be the doctors office.

“Lets look around for some pills we need.” he whispers. His partner nods. Shin stats to look in the cabinets and other things as the other one opens the door to look outside.

“No. No. The hell, why doesn’t he have the pills we need?” As Shin keeps cursing and looking, his partner moves towards the head of the ship. Even though they’ve already been to the island and are looking for clues for their mission.

“Damn. He doesn’t have them. Sorry.” Shin apologies. The other waves their hand lazily. “What you seeing?” He walks out and rest his hands on the railing. He watches his partner look at the island.

“Suiteki kensaku.” Water droplets form around the person in black and hover in the air. The droplets fly out towards the island and will come back if they found anything.

“Oh. Sending out some search parties? Find something interesting?” Shin asks. The other shakes their head. “Gah, whatever. Lets go back and search more of the island. Unless you want these pirates to help. It doesn’t matter, either way will finish this mission. With help or no help. So, what’s it going to be?” There’s silence for a full minute. Again the partner shakes their head. Shin smiles. “Have it your way then.”

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