Lifeless Doll

You don't decide who they are. You don't decide when they die. And most of all, you don't decide who they love. So why are you deciding? Is it for pleasure? Hate? Or do you just want to see how life work? Well, it doesn't matter. They'll still kick your ass.


3. Part three

Chapter three:

“Well we’ve spent to much time talking. Lets just stalk up on supplies and head out.” Shin’s partner doesn’t move. He rolls his eyes. “Oh come on. Come help me. Please?” No answer. No movement either. “Fine whatever. Just don’t get caught. See yay in a bit.”

As Shin leaves for the kitchen, his partner starts to wonder. This doesn’t make any sense. Why would weather hit this island? Does this island hold something valuable? Dangerous? Damn it. Give us some more clues.

What time was it anyways? It feels like the sun is coming up. Ok, so like maybe one, two in the morning? Shin should be done by now to, so why-

“Sanji! Breakfast!” Shin’s partner covered their ears and froze on the spot. Foot steps were heard running towards the deck. The door from the doctors room burst up and the reindeer falls back wards. Shin’s there with a huge sack of ‘important’ things he’ll decide if we need.

“Ah! Luffy! Someone’s stealing our property!” The reindeer yells. So he’s a devil fruit user. Well that’s shitty.

Shin jumps over the railing and runs to his partner.

“Sanji! Move!” Who the hell is yelling?

“Don’t tell me what to do Mario!” Their auguring?

“Shut up and capture the person stealing our stuff!” Ok that was a girls voice.

The women’s courtiers and men’s doors slam against the ship and the pirates run out. No wonder Shin failed in stealth.

As Shin passes his partner he whispers something, “run like hell.” And he jumps into the water. Though he can’t swim, he uses his devil fruit powers to walk on the water.

His partner doesn’t do anything but walk over to the railing and wave behind to the Straw Hats. But before his partner can jump, Robin crosses her arms and uses Cinco Flure. The hands claps around the strangers body and pin their arms behind their back.

“See yay in a bit!” Shin yells. “Don’t kill them!” The one he talks to nods slightly and jumps back onto the deck.

“Shasui” The stranger mumbles and keeps their head down. No one fought, no one took a step forward.

“Who the hell are you and why’d you take out stuff?” Ok, that’s Nami. She’s pissed. That’ll be fun for the crew.

“Mizu hātobīto.” The stranger mumbles again. Nami puts her hands on her hips and frowns. It’s fucking cold out, she’s in pulled down pants and a bikini top. She was working on writing in the crews journal.

The stranger looks up a little and looks towards Robin. “Gomen.” So quite but it flows with the wind towards Robin. She catches it and looks confused. “Mizu ryūketsu.” Robin starts to sweat and put up a fight, but her hands are forcing itself away from the intruder. She doesn’t stop putting up a fight, but her hands are starting to disappear.

“Robin? Are you ok?” Chopper questions the friendly woman. Robin doesn’t respond and instead she lets her arms go and falls onto her knees. “Robin!”

Her hands and arms start to shake and she tries to hold out. Zoro and Sanji rush towards the intruder and attack. When their about six feet away, the bounce back and hit the wall.

“Zoro! Sanji!” Usopp rushes over to see if their hurt. The same happens, they start to shake and try to hold out.

“Nami go into my bag and grab a medicine jar! The pills inside look red and blue!” Nami nods and heads off to find them.

“Tsuyoi kenri!” Franky’s hand fly’s out and gets close to six feet and returns backs to him and almost hits him in the face. Brook runs over to Franky because he tripped over nothing and sees that Franky is fine.

“Who are you?” Luffy asks. The stranger shrugs. And puts a finger to their hidden lips. Secret the person seems to say.

“Mizu no shitsudo.” The stranger vanishes and Chopper starts to calm the others down. Luffy frowns. From all this. The persons strong. But, he’s wondering why the person didn’t answer.

How come they don’t know who they are?

After breakfast:

“Robin are you feeling any better? Do you still feel weak or have a headache?” Chopper asks. Robin shakes her head.

“I feel much better thanks to you doctor-san.” Robin smiles at him.

“Whatever you say to me wont make me happy baka~” Robin giggles, Chopper’s still cute as ever.

“What the hell! They didn’t steal any treasure! Then what did they steal?! Ah!” Nami starts yelling about things that piss her off, and maybe you can hear a crash and curses from Zoro while Nami yells.

Ignoring the yelling, Usopp starts to ask Luffy.

“Oi! Luffy! What’s the matter with you?” Usopp questions his captain. Luffy has been quiet for some time now and he isn’t stealing peoples food or being Luffy like.

Truth to be told, Luffy wont let the situation go. It might be stupid to think about, but Luffy’s Luffy, so you gotta live with it.


“Who are you?” Luffy asks. The stranger shrugs. And puts a finger to their hidden lips. Secret the person seems to say.

End of Flashback

He grits his teeth, what the hells wrong with knowing who you are? Why the hell is he thinking about his? Why the hell are they still sitting here?!

“Everyone,” everyone stops and looks at their captain. “we’re going on the island. I’m going to find some answers.”

The all blink, then look at each other, they soon smile. “Aye!”

<(-_-<) x (>^.^)>

“Oi! What’s wrong with you? Did you kill them? You better not have, we’re not here to kill people unless they caused this damage.” Shin and his partner are back together sitting in a damaged house. “Oi! I’m talking to you! Why haven’t you talked for the entire trip?! Your usually more talkative then being quiet for almost a whole month!”

Shin has been trying to get his partner to talk after they ran off with supplies. “Hah, sometimes your so useless.” Shin bows his head and pretends to sulk, but on the inside, he’s smiling.

His partner sitting on a tree branch with their back against the trunk grits their teeth. Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless. They grit their teeth harder and draw blood. Useless. Useless. Useless. Their hands behind their head grips their hood, useless, useless, useless.


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