Lifeless Doll

You don't decide who they are. You don't decide when they die. And most of all, you don't decide who they love. So why are you deciding? Is it for pleasure? Hate? Or do you just want to see how life work? Well, it doesn't matter. They'll still kick your ass.


1. Part one


The sound of electricity flowing through a body, that’s the sound of nothing. The way the blood flows from the persons mouth, and onto the floor. Again, the sound of electricity. Before, the sound of pain. And now, the sound of death. So no matter what, from this day, the person will try to live normally. Though, they can’t. No matter what, their always a lifeless doll.

<(-_-<) x (>^.^)>

Chapter one (two years ago):

The sea roars with anger, it wont stop for nothing. If you were to look out, you’d see that something’s wrong with the weather. Though, the weather in the Grand Line is always wrong.

“Get the ships into harbor! Grab supplies we need and head to the mountain! They’ll be coming soon! Hurry up! Move it!” People rush by and trip. They leave things behind and yell for everyone to head towards the mountain. The stuff that falls gets picked up by others. No one is suppose to leave things behind. Even if it’s just ring.

“Move the ships into the base on the wagon and make sure nothing or anyone’s left behind in the city!” Everyone’s already prepared. This happens most of time. So they always have to be ready. And they always are.

Everyone grabs everything and the ships are moved towards the mountain. The trees sway in the harsh wind wanting to go with.

“We’re counting on you!” a man screams towards the beach. That’s where a person relaxes on a rock by the beach. The figure lazily waves back.

But soon enough the sea will pull back far out to sea and come back in. The people will be up the mountain by then and be safe. Once they get there, they’ll wait for the tsunami to end. Eventually it does and they move to the next stage.

They all have to move in grace to survive from each disaster. The tsunami is always first, it always takes about three to four days before everyone can prepare for the next disaster. After everyone is prepared for the earthquake that follows soon after, and wait for it to end which takes about two to three hours. And later the volcano erupts with smoke and lava. No one knows when that starts our end since it’s always unpredicted for the towns people.

Although it goes in order each time. The devil fruit users try to help out as much as they can, but they always fail on the last obstacle. The storm with random hitting lighting. It always reduces their numbers by twenty to fifty. They just hope it’s not to much. And so with this last disaster, the devil fruit users always have to stop the storm, risk their own lives for the others safety and never stop fighting. Since you see, all this horrible weather, always has a devil fruit user that controls or is the problem of the town. But even so, for some reason, they’re always failing with each obstacle. Someone always dies.

Finally, the sea moves out. The towns people aren’t up the mountain yet. Did they fail this time? Mess up on the time? No, it’s always been on schedule every two years. So what happen this time?

In the distance the people start to yell for some of the towns people to help. Their all close to their destination, but they wont make it unless they get help. The people hiding start to run and slide down the mountain to help push or carry things to safety.

The first obstacle will start before hand, but the person who’s suppose to stop it, will not let the tsunami hit the town. Even if that means dying in the process. And of course, the person does die. Was to weak, and so were the others for everything else. They all failed, and now, this town and it’s people are all dead.

They all failed, and so. They called for someone before they all died. But as a result, they never made the call. It was all hopeless. What were they thinking? It doesn’t matter anymore. It’s the end for them. And from that, chaos will now have won. Damn.

<(-_-<) x (>^.^)>

Present time:

The island was dead and silent. You could still see the destruction and chaos, though it’s been two years. But since that’s over, you can now see a person walking along the beach far from the town dragging a stick through the sand. The person doesn’t walk any closer or any farther back, just keeps walking in the same direction with a stick.

The figure starts to hum a song and slide the stick in zigzags. The wind blows harder. Who ever is here doesn’t want this person to be here. The figure still continues to hum and draw in the sand, ignoring the fact that someone wants them gone.

The figure stops dragging and the stick and stop humming after they ended up at were they started. They look at the ground and then throw the stick in the ocean. Then the person crouches down and tilts back to sit on their butt. They reach for their right foot, the blood red shoe with untied shoe laces, and takes it off. The figure dumps out the sand and returns the shoe onto the foot.

The other foot scrunches it’s toes in the sand. The foot has no shoe on. Ignoring the fact that the wind is growing stronger and that the persons foot is getting cold, the stranger stands back up and brushes the sand off the black basketball shorts and the baggy black jacket. The figures hood will probably hold for a while longer but the strangers hands reach up and pull the hood forward some more to get the wind from blowing the hood back.

Although the left hand with bandages around the knuckles down to the elbow hold the hood as the right hand with a blue glove on that’s cut since you can see their fingers knuckles and wrist down, flex their fingers and continuously crack their wrist before going back up to pull the hood over.

‘”Go away.”

“They’ll hurt you.”

“Leave and don’t come back.”

“Look at what they’ve done.”

“Hurry and go, you’ll be killed.” Voices from the wind. Either someone’s trying to scare the person off, or the voices are trying to help the figure live. Ig-nor-ing. The person walks off again, circling the island as if stalking it’s prey.

“Help us.” The person keeps on walking and starts to hum again, because from that, there’s no holding back. Now, just where was Shin. He went into town to look around and told the person who was dragging the stick to stay right there. So, by passing the time since Shin takes forever to get what he wants, the figure dragged a stick around and watched the sea, wind, mountain, ground and the barrier that Shin set up.

Sighing the person walks to the harbor and onto the deck, and sits down while swinging their legs side to side. Though Shin and the person are assassin’s but also devil fruit users, the job sure gets boring when there’s no action or chaos happing. Although, the marines did say that some crazy strong pirate crew was on their way to this island.

The partner of Shin starts to hum again. Maybe, just maybe. This persons world will change. And maybe, the partner will finally be free again. That’s if Alice doesn’t find them.

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