Valentine Blues

Rachel was a 18 year old girl who thought she had everything. With her birthday on Valentines Day she thinks she's about to have te best week of her life, that was before her boyfriend Jeremy brakes her heart a week before it. With no hope of ever finding another love, that all changes when she meets Louis.


8. The beginning of love


I told Jewls the story about Harry and why we had to leave so early. I dropped her off and went home. I got into my pajamas that had teddy bears covering them. I grabbed The bucket of ice cream from the freezer and put on Dear John. I was sitting alone bundled up in a blanket  eating my ice cream balling my eyes out when all of a sudden i heard a knock at my door. I got up turning the lights on but still holding my bucket of ice cream in my polka-dot underwear and my makeup running down my face from crying watching the movie. "EEERRRRG WHAT DO YOU WANT AT NOW JEWLS!!!" I yelled fully swinging the door open. I looked up and saw Louis with a smile on his face scanning my body. I realized i was still in my underwear and screamed running to my couch grabbing my blanket and covering myself. He came in closing the door behind him and sitting next to me. He looked at the T.V and realized i was watching a chick flick. He wiped a tear away from my face and smiled, as did I. "What are you doing here? And how did you find my house?" "Your friend" he said smiling. "Of course" "I'm sorry" "for  what'' i asked looking confused. "For Harry being a dick, that's just him, he thinks everyone wants him if they're hot and a girl." I smiled at him. "You think i'm hot?" I asked. "OH, NO, YES WAIT-" I cut him off kissing him, when he realized i was he kissed me back laying me on my back on the couch him on top of me. He started pulling my shirt off and so i pulled off his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his body as he sat up. He stood up and we bashed into the wall still making out. We bashed into my door and i screamed laughing at the same time. I opened the door and we  fell onto my bed. I started unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants off. I slipped my hand in his blue underwear and started jacking him off. He moaned some words which i wasn't paying attention too. He then flipped me around and slipped a finger in my undies. He pulled them off and started licking every right inch of my body. After a while we both got tired and passed out Louis wrapping his body around me. Right then and there I new he was the one. 

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