Valentine Blues

Rachel was a 18 year old girl who thought she had everything. With her birthday on Valentines Day she thinks she's about to have te best week of her life, that was before her boyfriend Jeremy brakes her heart a week before it. With no hope of ever finding another love, that all changes when she meets Louis.


12. Ready for an adventure


Rachel's POV

I woke up and Niall was gone, Louis wasn't there either. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to look at myself. I had big black bags under my eyes from tossing and turning all night thinking of my sister. My hair was sticking out in a whole bunch of different directions. I grabbed the brush and tried getting some of the knots and tangles out of hair. After a while I gave up trying and walked into the kitchen. I went over to the fridge and there was a note on the fridge.




I smiled and put the note on the counter. I walked over to the coffee pot and grabbed the coffee beans from the cupboard above it. I scooped out six table spoons and but it in the pot and waited for it to be done. My phone started to buzz. It was my mom.


"hi hunny, sorry to bug you with this stuff when it's early in the morning for you but I think you should come to Australia to see your family, it's really hard for your sister and I think she just needs you"

"Okay mom i'll get on a flight today and come"

"you should ask Louis to come"

"I don't know mom, I haven't known him for that long, I don't want to scare him away'

"well, I need you and your siblings, your sister needs you, and I think you'll feel better if you had Louis. And he might even be able to help your brother"

"oh, when you said siblings I didn't know you meant Derek was back, that's just another reason I shouldn't bring Louis, but I guess I can ask"

"okay sweetie pie, i'll see you later"

I hung up the phone and noticed my coffee was done. I drank it black and strong because i thought I could use the extra boost. I went back in my room and set my coffee down on the night stand beside me. I pulled out my big suitcase from my closet and started to pack. I left Australia to start a new life and I got what I wanted. I left with unsaid words and a lot of baggage that I would have to soon face again. I new I would have to sooner or later, but I was hoping it was going to be later.


Louis POV

I got home and dropped all my stuff on the ground. I heard the shower running and to my left saw a whole bunch of luggage. "Babe?" the shower stoped and I heard something in the bathroom. "In here babe!" She yelled from the room. "What's all that luggage at the door for?" 

"Oh, I was going to call you but i figured you were busy so I waited till' you got home" I walked in and she was frantically running around in her bra and underwear. It was sorta cute and she looked really hot. I laid down on the bed watching as she ran everywhere. She stopped and looked at me, "i'm going to Australia, I have to be there for my family for a while and I have to go to the funeral and this and that, I really don't want to at this point, but I have to."

She continued speaking as she walked over into the closet and grabbed a pair of black sweatpants. "My mom asked e to ask you if you wanted to come but I doubt you'd want to."

"No, I want to come, why would you thin I wouldn't?"

"Maybe because we haven't been dating for that long and i'm taking you with me to my dead sisters funeral and deal with every things that's gonna happen, the guys can come to if they want, i'll think you guys will cheer me up while we're there, it's not like you have to come with me to the funeral"

"I think I should go with you" she looked at me squishing her face together like she was surprised by my response.

"I guess, I'll go call Niall and ask, we were supposed to have lunch today but I guess that's changed... Pack your bags" she yelled after putting on her shirt, socks and cute pink bunny slippers.

Rachel's POV

"Hey Niall!"

"Hello love"

"uhhh, can we rein check our lunch I have something better we can do with everyone"

"really, what is it?"

"Me and Louis are going to Australia for two weeks... I know you have to be in the studio and stuff but-"

"no, no, i'll tell the guys"

"good our flight leaves in an hour so meet us at the airport"

"I'll make sure to do that, hey guys were going to Australia let's go pack our bags!!!"

I guessed he was with the guys and told them.

"I'll see you later then bye"


I walked into the room and Louis was already packed, he was just shoving things in his suitcase. "Louis were only going for 2 weeks, not a month" I laughed. "I know but you can never be to sure" I smiled and sat on the bed. "Let's go for a walk in the city" he looked at me and smiled "but what bout the paparazzi?" "Lou we can't hide forever, just promise me know matter what we will always talk before we see something crazy in the magazines; we need to work things out" He gave me a wide smile and ran tackling me on the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and m fingers in his hair, he let out a small moan. "I promise" he kissed me and we soon ended making out. I loved the feeling of his body against mine, so warm, i run out of words every time he touches me. I pushed him off me and sat up. "Common, let's go explore the world" He smiled again took y hand and we were out of the house ready to take a step further.

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