Valentine Blues

Rachel was a 18 year old girl who thought she had everything. With her birthday on Valentines Day she thinks she's about to have te best week of her life, that was before her boyfriend Jeremy brakes her heart a week before it. With no hope of ever finding another love, that all changes when she meets Louis.


4. Lunch time



"Sorry about that..." i said keeping my eyes on the road. "It's okay" there was a short awkward pause in between then we finally pulled up to the restaurant  Before we got out my car my phone rang again playing One Direction on a loop. "You gonna-" "oh, yeah, hello?" It was on speaker cause i was searching for my bag that i'd thrown in the backseat. "Boobear? it's Jewl" just when you think it couldn't get any more awkward. "Can i call you later im going to lunch" "oh, with Jer-" "uhhh no about that... We broke up" "WHAT!!! WHEN, WHY, HOW!!!" "uh, right now is not a good time... I'll talk to you-" "DON'T YOU HANG UP ON ME-!!!" "Ok bye now." I hung up as quick as i could and closed my eyes. When i got out of my car a could see a  couple of paparazzi down the street. Louis got out. "Shit" he said under his breath. "what's wrong" I asked curiously. "The paparazzi" he jumped back into the car so i guess he expected me too follow. "So I guess no lunch?" "no, we can go back to my apartment and have lunch there if that's okay with you" "yeah, sure." We got to his apartment and it was no difference because it was swarmed with paparazzi, more then there was at the restaurant. We got out and were swarmed with screaming fans and paparazzi. There were bright flashes left and right and I was blinded by the light. We both got out and he grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. We got inside after what felt like an hour of pushing and shoving. "Is it always like that?" "yeah, pretty much" we got to his apartment and he let me in the door. It was pretty big and had a hot tub on the inside. "woah" "oh yeah it's nothing i guess... So, what do you want for lunch?" We had sandwiches and sat at his table watching some british show that was funny, we talked aout our families and watched a movie. "Shoot, I have to go!!!" "wait!, what if I want to see you again?" i doubted he would but i gave him my number anyways. The mob was gone so i got in my car and drove away.


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