Valentine Blues

Rachel was a 18 year old girl who thought she had everything. With her birthday on Valentines Day she thinks she's about to have te best week of her life, that was before her boyfriend Jeremy brakes her heart a week before it. With no hope of ever finding another love, that all changes when she meets Louis.


13. #kissesfromboobear


Louis put a hat on his head and sunglasses and gave me one of is favorite beanies, followed by a pair of glasses, we tried our best to cover ourselves from the paparazzi noticing us, we were both wearing sweats, but his were red and mine were black, we also both wore v-neck shirts except mine was white and his was black, I liked the fact that we were kinda coordinated, it was cute. Outside it was a beautiful sunny day, as soon as we took a step outside, I forgot about everything. We walked down to the City and went to the mall, we ended up shopping I don't know how but, Louis ended up buying me stuff, I guess it was his way of helping me get my sister off my mind, he knew I was stressed about the trip to Australia.  There were paparazzi but I was surprised when they kept they're distance when they took pictures of us. A couple of fans came up and asked for pictures too, I was also surprised when they asked if I could be in it to. A couple minutes later #louisbeenielooksgreatonrachell and #malldaywithlouisandhisgirl was trending on twitter. I also gained another 300 followers. Louis took me into a jewlerie store, I don't know why but as I looked around I saw this beautiful necklace. It was a heart with a music note inside it.

"excuse me?"

"yes how can I help you?"

"can I see that necklace right there?"

"sure you can" the lady opened the glass sliding door with a key around her neck, she pulled out the necklace and place it in my hand.

"you have great taste in jewlerie, it's one of a kind"

"it's beautiful, how much?"
"$900" Louis suddenly popped up behind me and was looking at the sparkly necklace in my hand.

"oh that's way to much thank you though" I said giving the necklace back to the ladie.

"Louis I have to use the washroom i'll be right back stay here"

"okay love"

Louis' POV

I saw how much she loved that necklace, so I decided to get it for her, I am rich so it doesn't affect me, it's not like I ever do anything with this money, so when I saw her go fully into the bathroom I turned to the lady and bought it.

"excuse me miss, i'd like to buy that necklace"

"sure, is this for the girl that was just looking at it?" she asked while taking the necklace out of the glass box.

"yes, but can you hurry I want it to be a surprise"

sure" she said with a smile

"What's your name?"

"Louis, Tomlinson"

"thought you looked familiar" she smiled again and gave me a black box that held the necklace.

"thank you" I hid the box in myt pants, I had no ther place since my sweats didn't have pockets, it was a little uncomfortable but it was worth it. I saw her walk out the bathroom and I left the jewlery store.

"We should get back to the house so we can leave it's a long flight" she said while kissing me on the cheek, I grabbed her arm before she could pull away and I kissed her on the lips, it was passionate yet short, cause I new people were taking pictures. A couple minutes later there was a new trend #kissesfromboobear and #louissweetkisses

A/N sorry I haven't updated in a while, i'm working on another book, check it out it's called Blood Lust, it's about a vampire who falls in love with Harry, Niall and Zayn is in it to bye Xx

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