Valentine Blues

Rachel was a 18 year old girl who thought she had everything. With her birthday on Valentines Day she thinks she's about to have te best week of her life, that was before her boyfriend Jeremy brakes her heart a week before it. With no hope of ever finding another love, that all changes when she meets Louis.


11. Comfort and trust


Niall's POV 

I carried Rachel into another room as she sobbed on my shoulder. I didn't know what was going on but I was guessing it was bad. Rachel fell asleep me wrapped in her arms stroking her back to calm her down. She looked so beautiful even though her makeup was smeared down her face and her hair was everywhere. Louis walked in and I sat up and looked at him. "She's asleep... What just happened?" He explained to me what happened and I just stared at her for a while, her sister must have meant everything to her if she was in that much pain. "I need to take her home, will you come with me?" Louis asked looking at his shoes. "yeah, sure" I got up but struggling since Rachel was basically laying on me. When I got up from her hold, I picked her back up again taking her out of the room. Danielle and Perry were waiting for us. "Give this to Rae when she gets up, tell her too text us when she gets up." I took the paper with numbers written on it and replaced my hand back under Rachel so I could hold her properly again. Before we looked I turned back to see Harry sitting on the couch in the corner looking at the floor, It was almost like he felt guilty for something.

Rachel's POV



"Veronica? Is that you? Oh my gosh I thought you were-"

"I am, I just wanted to say goodbye"

"Goodbye, but I don't want you to leave!"

I started too cry. The blurry figure came up to me and wiped a tear from my face.

"Don't cry sunshine, it's gonna be okay"

She stopped and looked up.

"I have to go now"

"NO! don't go! I can't do this without you!"

"Sunshine, it's okay you have Louis now, and the boys, you'll do just fine sweetie i know it, i'm so proud of you, just remember i'll always be watching over you"

There was a bright light and she faded away.


I woke up in my bed wrapped in my sheets. A tear dripped down my face remembering what had just happened. Niall then walked into my room and sat on the en of my bed. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Where's Louis?"

"He said that he ha to go somewhere, he'll be back soon, he told me to stay here with you"

He wiped the tear away from my face and looked me in the eyes. "why are you crying?" I looked up at him. "wait, stupid question" I laughed and laid back down on my pillow. I patted the empty spot beside me motioning for him to  lay beside me. He laid down and we both looked at the stars that were plastered to my ceiling. 

"She came to me in a dream" I spoke in a hushed voice, almost a whisper. He looked over to me.

"your sister?"

"yeah, I know it sounds crazy  but-"

"That's not crazy" I looked back at him and smiled. I kissed him on the cheek and laid back down, then closed my eyes.

"what was that for?"

"for being a good friend, and taking care of me, staying with me, being there for me"

I smiled at him and fell asleep again saying "thank you" again












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