Cherry Tree

Their is this one tree that was special to Hannah. Her mom and dad planted it when she was 6years old. She last got to see the tree at their funeral when she was 9 years old. But now she is moving in with her grandma and grandpa to watch over them. (This whole story is a flashback except for the first and last chapter)


1. Chapter One

"Hey grandpa, hey grandma" I say walking into their old-fashoined farm house.

"Hello dear" my grandma says standing up off her rocking chair walking towards me and gives me a big hug.

"How are you. I missed you guys!" I say giving my grandma a kiss on her cheek. I walk over to my grandpa who was sitting in his old black wheelchair. "Hey grandpa" I say giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "How are you?"

"I'm great how about you" he replies smiling resting his wrinkled hand on my hand.

"Couldn't be better" I reply standing up. I walk towards the tan leather couches in the living room and I sit down. The house was small. When you first walk in the front door you are in the kitchen. Turn to the right is the bathroom. Look to the left and there is a big window over looking the vivid red barn, go straight a little ways and you arrive to the kitchen counter that over looks the carpeted open layout of a kitchen table and living room. To the right of the kitchen table and a little forward is the stairs to get to the basement. Down the stairs is the guest bed room, where I will be staying. If you turn right when you are in the living room you are in my grandparents room.(Sorry that the discription is confusing)

I bring my stright light brown hair into a pony tail and I fix my pink flowy shirt that I am wearing along with my high wasted black shorts with buttons down the middle. I stand up walking to the wooden cabnit full of pictures when I was 0-16 years old. I was 17 now almost 18. I assume they will take a picture of me before I leave. I walk to the back of the living room looking out the backdoor. Through the screen I see birds in pond. Gliding over the water like a jet ski. (Well, more gracefully).

"I love it here" I say softly. So none but my self can hear. Out of the corner of my eye I see the cherry tree. I open the screen door and head outside to see the tree. I smile remembering all of the good memories.




not my best writing...sorry I'm tired:P hahaah

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