Photography *Sequel to Across The Ocean

Sequel to across the ocean-
Now you get to see Lilly's side...or should I say romance? This movella is on Lilly's adventures and how she finds a new romantic interest with a guy from Australia in camp.


1. Chapter one

You do not need to read across the ocean to understand the book. This book will have no spoilers for across the ocean if you want to read that after this..happy reading:) 



Sunday, May 28th


I know on her door followed by two more. Amanda opens the door and lets me in.

"Hey Lilly"

"Hey. I need to tell you something."  I brush my shoulder length straight blonde hair with my figures, while fixing my big brown eyes on her. We walk into the kitchen, I sit down and She gets some chips. Amanda sits right next to me. I give her a concerned look. "Well, I know how we have so much planned to do this summer. And you know how I signed up for photography camp." I speak slowly, like she's  a foreigner. She nods chewing her food. "Apparently, the camp is in Madagascar." I take a deep breathe. "Madagascar, The country right by Africa. A gazillion miles from here!" We stare at each other for a long time. I start to tear up.

Amanda finally breaks the silence. "So, how long are you going to be away?"

I think for a bit and then answer. "12 weeks."

"That means only two weeks of hanging out." She says "What about school?"

"I already talked to the teachers and there letting me take the exams a week early." We finish up talking and soon after I say good bye and head home. As so a I walk into the door my annoying older brother grabs me and holds me into a head lock. I scramble trying to get loose.

"James!!" I shout as me drags me into the living room he gently lays me on the ground and then he sits on my back. I turn my neck and I glare at him blowing a piece of my blonde hair out of my eyes. "Not cool" I try and struggle to get up but my idiot brother doesn't get get he just laughs at me and he eventually gets up when my mom yells at him. Adjusting my my white tank top and my purple zip up sweatshirt with my black shorts.  I run up to my room and and jump on my bed and take a nap. 




Wednesday, May 31st


Amanda lets go of me. We have been hugging for a while now. I step down from the porch and wave goodbye. I turn around and I get inside the car my dad places my suitcase and handbag into the trunk. Once he steps away the car starts off slow but gains speed as it travels further down the road. I way goodbye through the window and I turn back so I'm looking ahead and I think of happy thoughts and try not to get homesick this fast.

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