Hi....I'm Jordan, and I'm five. My gift is nothing special to me, some people say
I'm gifted others say I'm cursed and to scientists I'm rare.


1. Chapter One


Beep beep beep

I open my little deep purple eyes. (yes  I said purple) I woke to find myself laying on a hospital bed. I was just in a plane accident, our plane malfunctioned and tumbled into the Mississippi River. You are now  probably wondering  how a 5year old knows  these long words, to be honest, I'm not quite sure. Doctors came to a conclusion that the crash accelerated my brain growth. But that's not the only thing different about me. I see numbers above peoples heads...I found out that the numbers mean how long  until they die...pleasant right? But the number above my head (when I look in the Mirror) is -1....So did I die last year? Am I a ghost?






here's a short snippet of the movella:) I just starting it out so the chapters will be longer soon...please tell me what you think:)

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