Dear Me,

Holly has this rare disease where she forgets what happend to her the day before. This all started with a car crash. So this is her story writing letters to her self about what has happened to her, just the day before.


1. Chapter One

I wake up in a strange place. Where am I? I ask my self in my head. I sit up in the big bed I found myself in and look around the small welcoming room to find a small note on my bed. Curious I pick it up and begin to read......


Dear myself,

Welcome it's your twentieth day back from the hospital! So you probably forgot everything recent that happed to you...the only new memory's you have is probably soon before the car crash occurred. How do I know all of this? Well dad told me and I'm writing all of this to remind myself of what I did the day before. Confused? Go down stairs and talk to dad, he's a pro at it by now.

Love, myself








I hope you enjoyed this short snippet, longer and more chapters are to come soon:)

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