Summer Days

Laying on the beach, hanging out with friends doing the usual summer things, but this year was different. Kathleen was 17 and that meant her and her friends (Adam, Ben, Kristen, Ryan, Elizabeth, Kyle and Hannah(best friends since kindergarten)could go to the ocean side house by themselves.


1. Chapter One

"Come on!" I say pushing her friend Adam out the door. "You take longer than a girl to get ready"

He rolls his eyes grabbing random luggage placing it into the car. "Well if someone didn't dump water on my head to wake me up maybe this wouldn't of happend"

"We'll if someone didn't leave their house keys under their doormat this wouldn't of happened" I reply smiling. I turn around and walk back to my house grabbing more luggage. I see Adam smiling to him self and walks into the door way filled with luggage that was crammed for the three months of summer vacation. We both take out the cooler full of snacks for the hour long trip that was about to take place. 

"So, Hannah, Kyle, and the rest are meeting us there right?" I ask.

"Yep they have the rest of the luggage, non-fridge food and I think they are brining water and pop." Adam replies.

"All righty. Lets head out. I already said goodbye to my parents this morning. So, lets get this show on the road!"

We both head to the small sliver Honda car. Adam takes the drivers seat and I take the passenger seat.

As we pull out of the drive way of the small yellow house that I call my own, we see our friends driving past in a blue van. Ben honks the horn at us and they all wave. Adam and I were chosen to drive the second car. The van was stocked high with items and packed full of people. We were all on our way to Hannah's beach house.

I turn on the radio and Katy Perry's 'I kissed a girl' was playing. "Ugh I hate this song" I say. (No offense to her fans I actually love some of her music)

"Why don't you like it?" Adam asks in a goofy tone.

"Did you know she used to sing Christian music?" I ask going on different topic. 

"Really? Why did she stop"

"I think it was because she wasn't making it anywhere. I miss the Christian singer Katy."

"How touching" Adam mocks me. 

"Shut up! Remember I know you like Hannah" I say joking back

"Ah blackmail. I taught you so well" he says wiping away fake tears. 

"Oh dear we are so odd"

"And that's why we're friends" he says.


hey:) here is a small part of the movella:P more chapters to come! tell me what you think of this chapter.... I was kind-of hesitant on it.......

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