Scuba Diving

Bree is going to finally check of scuba diving off her buck-it list. The instructor happendes to be her old crush from high school whom japped to be her old best guy friend. How will things turn out for these two?


1. Class

I pull into the dusty driveway into a small little building. I just graduated college and I got my masters degree. So I decided to check some things off my bucket list this summer. I decided to start out with scuba diving. I step out of my car and I hear the crunch of the dirt below my feet as I walked to the front door. I pull open the door and I walk into a home like feeling. Chairs were lined up agianst the wall and a coffee maker on the other side. I sit down next to a couple who were going on their honeymoon in a week and want to learn how to scuba dive. Looks like its only three of us. 

A man that looks around my age steps out of a office with a clip board. He was reading something fairly interesting because he didn't even look up at us. 

"Alright, step right this way" he says without looking up. He turns around and glances forward to make sure he didn't run into anything. He took us into a small room and he faces the class. "My name is Kyle and I will be your instructor." He says finally looking at us. He goes on about the important rules and soon the class was over. "Hey ua, Bree..right? Can you stay after for a bit."

"Ua sure" I grab my purse and walk towards him confused. "What do you need?" I ask gulping. 

"It's me! Kyle!"

I stood their puzzled then realization sank in "Oh my gosh!" I give him a big hug and say "This is crazy! I can't believe we both ended up moving to the same state and similar city!" Kyle and I spend the next hour catching up on each others lives before I had to go. "It was nice seeing you again!" I say walking out the door I wave goodbye and so does he. What are the odds of that?!

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