My Lovely

Nova and her best friend India have always had one dream they shared, dancing for anyone famous. So when India got offered a dancing career with the band One Direction, Nova can't help but be a little disappointed. But when romance and drama sparks up and comes between everything, Nova is forced to make a decision, one that she just can't win.


14. My Sickness and Feelings

"Okay, everybody up! We're going to start from the top!" My teacher, Mandy commands us. We fumble to get up before the piano starts to play. We start the routine that has been nailed into our brains, accomplishing the fact that we don't even have to think about the dance moves as we do them. 
Harry hasn't shown up yet, and I'm not sure what to think. Should I be worried? Or maybe he just forgot? I haven't spoken to India since this morning and I don't plan to until she apologizes for being...India. 
The song ends shortly, but we continue to practice for another two hours. 
Once we've finished,I take a sip of water from my bottle and slide my back down the wall. 
It is really tiring, dancing. My hand scrambles to find my phone in my purse pocket and checks for anything involving Harry, such as a text or phone message. But of course, there is nothing fulfilling my hopes.  
I stand up and make my way to the car I own, slumping my shoulders in disappointment. Why did he blow me off like that without calling me?
I get in my car, pushing the keys into the required hole. The car buzzes to life before I drive back to my house. 
The door squeaks open as I enter. Running up the stairs I flop onto my unmade bed, throwing my shoes off in the process. 
I groan in anger before turning on my side and falling asleep.
Two Weeks Later
"Will you be alright if I go to the store?" My worried mother asks as I lay half lifeless on my bed. I've been throwing up all day, stupid flu shots, actually giving me the flu.
"Yeah I'll be fine" I croak, wanting to be alone. 
"You sure?"
"Yes mom. You can go"
She nods, existing my room. 
I stare at my phone screen, waiting for Harry's reply. 
He's been texting me non stop for the past few weeks, and this morning is the first time I've answered him. 
To Nova:
You finally answered me!

To Harry:
Appears that way

To Nova:
Can we talk? Can I come over?

To Harry:
No I'm sick

To Nova:
Okay I'll be over in an hour

To Harry: 
No! I'm sick I look like crap!

To Nova:
You never look like crap...

To Harry:
Don't come over

To Nova: 
Fine. But I have to go pick up some thins from the store. I'll text you when I get back.

To Harry:
Don't come over

To Nova:
Talk to you later

To Harry:
I'm serious! I won't answer the door!

To Nova: 
I will talk to you when I get back

I set my phone down, he better not come. But is there a part of me that wants him to come? Perhaps, but he won't after I just told him a million times not to come. 
I begin to doze off, my head automatically begins to nod.
I jerk awake at the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Sorry this is such a short chapter, I've been saying that a lot, sorry. 


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