My Lovely

Nova and her best friend India have always had one dream they shared, dancing for anyone famous. So when India got offered a dancing career with the band One Direction, Nova can't help but be a little disappointed. But when romance and drama sparks up and comes between everything, Nova is forced to make a decision, one that she just can't win.


5. My guilt

Bradly wasn't talking to me at all. I couldn't believe I forgot his birthday, it was horrible of me. And to make it worse, I had been out with a boy. One that my best friend told me to stay away from. I was such a bad person.
India had asked me to go to another one of her practices. I said yes out of guilt, how I had gone out with Harry even though she directly told me he was off limits. I made a promise to myself never to speak to him again. Sisters over misters right?
I was driving over to the dancing studio right at that moment, and the guilt was suffocating me. I knew it was stupid, I should be allowed to go with any guy I wanted. But I still felt horrible. 
I was sitting on the chair outside of India's changing room. I sighed as I thought how I could have gotten a place on the dancing team if I had only worked harder, practiced more, and wanted it more. There was this one dancer, she seemed to really dislike India's changing room. Or she didn't like who was in it. When India was finished she gave me a quick hug and went out on the stage. I wasn't even sure what I was supposed to do. Just sit there and wait? I decided to go look for a water supply that had to be somewhat nearby for the dancers. I scouted around the bathroom area, but with no luck. I peered into the girl's bathroom, searching for some water in there when I felt hands on my shoulders. I jumped and wiped my head around to see who had touched me. I smiled and sighed with relief when I saw it was just Harry. Then, remembering the promise I had made to myself, my smile quickly faded. 
"Hey Nova." He said causally, 
"Um, hi" I replied quickly, making an escape plan in my head. I didn't want to be rude, but I did want to make it clear that we couldn't go out again.
"So, I was wondering...Since you said you had fun last night if you would want to go with me to this-"
"Harry, I'm sorry, but last night was a one time thing. I did have fun, but I made a promise to someone, and I need to keep it.I hope you understand"
The smile instantly fell from his face. Why couldn't I stop disappointing people? 
"Yeah...Yeah I get it." He said, putting on a fake smile.
"I'm really sorry."
"Yeah...well I'll see you around Nova." He replied and walked away. 
My shoulders slumped, I hated when he was sad. I bit my lip.
"Harry... Wait." I said quietly, but when I glanced up, he was already gone.
 I closed my eyes, what had I just done?
Then, shaking off the soon to be over bearing guilt, I walked to the chairs that were in front of the stage. 
Sitting down, I noticed Harry and the other One Direction boys were on the stage. I frowned when I saw Harry. He looked sad, I closed my eyes again, trying to block out the guilt. 
Harry's eyes scanned the room, then met mine. He smiled a little.
India saw who he was staring at it and  immediately walked over to Harry and started flirting with him. 
That made me uncomfortable and Harry looked like it made him feel the same. But he was polite and didn't push her away like I would have liked him to have.  He kept glancing at me.
"So, we'd like to thank all of out new dancers. We know all of you will be great and look forward to getting to know you all." The one named Louis said. India giggled and leaned in closer to Harry.
The girl that kept giving India the evil eye walked over to Harry. I heard her say "Hey Harry, my name is Rebecca. Want to hang out sometime?" Harry just smiled and said he would think about it.
We had only been on one date, what was keeping him from saying yes? I wanted him to be happy, he deserved someone who would make him happy. The one named Liam tugged on Harry's arm as they started to leave the stage.
 I suddenly felt the need for air, I quickly got up and went outside. The wind was blowing heavily and my hair was going everywhere. I needed to get out of there. I ran inside my car, regretting rejecting Harry. 
"Why am I so stupid?" I asked myself.
Not wanting to go home, I drove to the park that was nearby. I needed to take a break from it all.
I got a text from India a few minutes later.
From India:
'What the heck is going on between you and Harry?'
From Nova:
From India:
'I'm not an idiot Nova. I told you to stay away from him.'
From Nova:
'What makes you think he's into me or I'm into him?'
From India:
'He was staring at you the whole time. As I just said, I'm not an idiot.'
From Nova:
'Come one India, give me a little credit.'
From India:
'Why should I? I know you guys went on a date. But I know it won't happen again. You know why? Harry kissed me right after you left.'
From Nova:
'That's great India. I hope you feel like a superstar now.'
From India:
'I do. Now DON'T go out with Harry. He's mine.'
From Nova"
From India:
I didn't reply after that. I wasn't in the mood for her dramatic statements and I didn't want to talk about Harry.  I strolled back to my car, I had to make it right with Bradly. 
"Hey Bradly?" I said quietly through his door.
"Yeah?"  He replied.
"I am truly sorry I forgot your birthday." Is how I started my apology speech. 

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