My Lovely

Nova and her best friend India have always had one dream they shared, dancing for anyone famous. So when India got offered a dancing career with the band One Direction, Nova can't help but be a little disappointed. But when romance and drama sparks up and comes between everything, Nova is forced to make a decision, one that she just can't win.


7. My decision

Hello! I just needed to say that I know my spelling and grammar is horrific and I have a lot of typos. Like in the last chapter, Nova's mum said "He's quite a charter." I realized my mistake after I had published it. I meant to say "He's quite a character." 
So yeah, if there is another typo -and there most likely will be- I am sorry.
Lots of love
K.K. x 

The next morning, I woke up and dragged myself out of bed. Checking my watch, I realized I didn't have to go to school for another couple hours. I slumped back on my bed and stared intently at the ceiling. My cat, Mrs. Tootsie, jumped up on my bed. "Hello kitty." I said quietly. She responded by rubbed her head up against my hand. I patted her for a few minutes, then got bored and went downstairs. 
I picked up the milk and cereal. Pouring the liquid into a bowel, I took a spoon from the drawer that was nearby.  
I grabbed a chair and slumped down on it. Quietly chewing my breakfast. 
I practically jumped out of my skin. My mouth gaping open as I turned around and saw India. 
"You sacred me half to death." I pointed out breathlessly.
"How did you get in?" I questioned.
"Your door was unlocked."
"Oh...Well...What are you doing here?"
"I was awake and didn't have anything to do."
"I'm not buying that. What are you really doing here?"
She fake smiled and slowly walked towards me. 
"I'm here to make sure you have nothing going on with Harry. Because if you do, I swear our friendship is over. I really like him and if you were my friend you would respect that and stay away. Do I make myself clear?" She was now face to face with me, I leaned back to get away from her threatening glare. 
"Crystal." I whispered.
"Good. Now, I'll see you at school." She remarked sweetly. I nodded and she left my house in the blink of an eye.
I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes. 
"What have I gotten myself into?" I whispered to myself. 
From Katherine:
'Hey Harry! You free tomorrow? I would love to go out again.' 

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