My Lovely

Nova and her best friend India have always had one dream they shared, dancing for anyone famous. So when India got offered a dancing career with the band One Direction, Nova can't help but be a little disappointed. But when romance and drama sparks up and comes between everything, Nova is forced to make a decision, one that she just can't win.


4. My bad memory

"You look incredible." Harry said cheekily, I looked down at my skinny jeans and white tank with a leather jacket. "Aw shucks." I replied, blushing a little. He laughed at my blushing and led me to his car. "So, are you going to tell me where we are going?" I asked.
"Not yet, but soon I promise." He replied, opening the door for me. I nodded my thanks and slumped down in the passenger seat. He closed the door and went around to the driver's seat. After we started driving, he started asking questions about me. "So, when did you start dancing?"
"When I was really little, I was four I think. It has always been India and I. We agreed to always stick together you know?"
"Yeah, that's what I did with the lads. They're my best mates you know? And I feel like we could easily fall apart if we didn't all promise that."
"So, how old are you?"
"Twenty seven, why how old are you?"
"Wow, you don't look twenty're joking aren't you."
I laughed and nodded. "I'm seventeen. How old are you?"
"Well, I'm turning nineteen in February."
"Oh cool. So...You were on the X Factor right? That must have been fun."
"Yeah, it was. But we did work really hard. Which was a bit tiring sometimes but it was amazing. So, Do you have any siblings? I want to know more about you." He said.
"Well, I have one, his name is Bradly. You have one sister right? India is a big fan of you guys."
"Yeah, her name is Gemma. Why are you laughing?" He asked, laughing along with me. I wasn't even sure why I was laughing. I was just happy I guess. "I don't know, I laugh when I'm happy."
" you did want to go out with me!"
"I guess..."
"Oh we're here." He said, pulling up to a abandoned race car track. 
"What's this place?" I asked. 
"I just thought it would be a cool place for a first date." He replied, "Stay here" 
He got out and went around to open the door for me. I smiled and nodded my thanks again. 
Getting out of the car, I tripped on a root or something and fell on Harry. 
"Oh my... Sorry!" I said, quickly recovering. 
"Are you alright?" He asked, helping me back on my feet. I nodded, 
"Yeah, thanks."I got up and we walked over to a tree that looked centuries old. It looked quite creepy outside from all the shadows. Harry looked over at my arm. "What?" I asked, looking to where his eyes were gazing. There was a rip in my racket. I shrugged and wiped some dirt off my sleeve. We walked around the track, talking and laughing, for about three hours. I hadn't even noticed the time, as I got my phone to see what time it was, I saw I had gotten a text from my mum. I must not have heard it. It said 
From Mum:
'Nova! Where are you? Are you on your way with the cake?'
I sent her a text saying
From Nova:
'For Bradly's birthday? Isn't that tomorrow?'
Then it hit me, it was today. "Oh my word, I have to go!" I said, 
"What? Why?" Harry asked me. 
"I totally forgot it was my brother's birthday and I was supposed to bring the cake." I replied, I couldn't believe this was happening, Bradly would never forgive me. 
"Okay, I can drop you off and go get a cake if you want." Harry offered, but I shook my head. 
"No need to drag you into this. I had fun though, but I have to go." 
Harry nodded and we ran back to the car. After driving to the store to pick up the cake, he dropped me off at my house. I didn't see any cars in the driveway, so I had a feeling that it was too late. I said goodbye to Harry and walked inside the house. Bradly was standing there, he glanced over at me when he heard the door open. Then he went straight upstairs, "Bradly, wait I'm sorry!" I yelled after him, but it was no use. I knew he would never forgive me. My mum came down once she heard Bradly slam his door shut. My eyes were watering, I was the worst sister in the world. He should be mad at me. 
"Where were you?" My mum demanded. 
"I was out." I replied quietly. 
"Where?" She pressed.
"With a friend."
"Who!?" She screeched. 
"Harry. Harry Styles." I replied and went up to Bradly's room. 
"Bradly...Please, I didn't know it was today, I thought it was tomorrow."
"Well you thought wrong! Now leave me alone!" He yelled, I sighed and decided to let him cool off. Walking to my room, I got a text from Harry,
From Harry:
'Is everything alright?'
From Nova:
'Not sure.'
From Harry:
'Well, I assume you never want to see me again.'
From Nova:
'Why would you think that?! I would actually really like to see you again. I had a lot of fun tonight.'
From Harry:
'Really? So did I. I would diffidently like to do it again sometime.' 

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