My Lovely

Nova and her best friend India have always had one dream they shared, dancing for anyone famous. So when India got offered a dancing career with the band One Direction, Nova can't help but be a little disappointed. But when romance and drama sparks up and comes between everything, Nova is forced to make a decision, one that she just can't win.


12. I'm back!


I can't guarantee I will update everyday, or even once a week, but I'm back, I hope at least one person will be a little excited :) I've written a lot since this so I hope I've improved, and I'm sorry if there are loose ends or anything from before, I haven't written this in a while :) But it's good to be back. Hope you enjoy! (I'm also going to do this present, I'm writing another book at the moment (not on this website) and I don't want it to screw me up. So instead of like 'I picked up a toy' it will be 'I pick up a toy' okay? Yeah... So don't be confused, I think it will be better)

The next morning I groan as I climb out of bed. There shouldn't be a doubt it my mind, India, she is my best friend and has been for the longest time, since we were little kids. But since there is a doubt, maybe I shouldn't choose her. 
I stick the toothbrush in my mouth and begin to scrub, but all I can think about is what happened last night. I am so thankful it's a Saturday because I don't think I could deal with school right now. The toothbrush still located in my mouth, I jog back to my bedside table and glance at my phone, hoping for a message from either of them. Of course, there isn't, but there is an email from the daily plumbing facts I get for some reason, my mum must have signed me up. 
I finish brushing my teeth and head downstairs, to face anyone down there. I trudge down and slump on the closet seat on the table. 
"Someone isn't happy" Bradly teases smugly. 
"Just shut up okay. Just shut up" My head is hurting already, I'm not sure if it's from Bradly's presence or about last night.
Bradly chuckles and stands up to refill his glass of juice. "What are you doing today?"
"I'm going to see India" Or Harry... But I don't mention that.
I nod and get my breakfast. 
After I'm finished, I trample but up the stairs and take a quick shower, get dressed, do my make up and hair, and get my shoes on all in an half an hour, impressive, I know. 
Grabbing my keys, I stomp to my car and practically flop in. Turning my key my car buzzes to life. I jab my finger onto the radio button and angrily speed to India's house at ten in the morning. 

My knuckles rap against the red wooden door of India's lodging. After waiting ten seconds I do it again. 
"Hold on!" Someone yells from inside and I cross my arms in announce.
The door creaks open and I catch half on India's face before it's shut again.
"India! Come on I just want to talk! India!" My full hand is banging on the door trying to get her to open it once more.
"You knew I liked him yet you still went out with him!" She screams from the other side.
"If you were really my friend you would support my choices!" I try to stay calm
"If you were a real friend one of your choices of a boy wouldn't have been Harry!" She fires back, the door still in between us. 
"You are way too controlling India! You can't just call 'dibs' on someone and expect everyone in the whole world to just back off! Do you know how popular they are!? Do you know how many girls have called 'dibs' on Harry!? Millions! Millions of girls think they have a chance with him! And when I really do you just want to screw it up for me?! What kind of friend does that?!" So much for that calm thing. 
"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT" She opens the door, and I am a little sacred, her face is bright red and there are tears in her eyes. Her voice drops to just above a whisper "Just one word. Danny." And she slams the door in my face again. 

Sorry this chapter is so short I'll update again soon. Thanks for reading! :)


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