Be Mine Tonight

Mollie,18, study english and feels like a normal teenager. I'ts valentine's day in a week and she's still single. She's in love with a class mate called Niall. She wants to take him out on a date, but she doesn't know how. He is one of the most popular guys in school. Will she be able to ask him out before anyone else?

This is my entry for 1SHOT41D competition. I love them (of course) and i would LOVE to meet them!


1. One week left

It's only one week left until Valentine's day and here I am in my room, all alone and spending my time writing a letter to a lovely boy called Niall. He's my class mate and I have actually fallen in love with him, and just because it's valentine's day next thursday I have a plan to ask him out. It's going to be hard, because he is one of the most popular guys in school. My best friend Emma have a crush on Liam, Niall's best friend, and she is lucky, she asked Liam out on a date and she got a "Yess"! I started to write on the letter, I started with " Hi Niall! I know that I'm just a class mate for you, but you are more than that for me". No no no, it's to short. I need to do it with a little bit more feelings. I started over again, and again, and again, I couldn't find the right words.

I saw him in school, with other girls, It hurt but I'm not going to give up this time. But even if it hurts, I got more ideas for my letter. Every day after school, I write a little bit on it, and then, 5 days later it was ready to give to Niall. My letter wasn't so complicated but I'm proud of myself, it's my first time so it coulden't be perfect. Here it is...

"Hey Niall! It's Mollie. You know that it is Valentine's day today and I have want to do this many times before but I'm to shy. But it's our last year together and that means that this is our last valentines day that we can meet. I just want to ask you a question; Do you think that I can invite you to a date tonight? Just you and me. I understand if you don't want too, because I know you can get any girl you want. x /Mollie"

It's valentines day today, I'm so excited to see how Niall reaction is going to be when he reads the letter. There he was, on the other side of the corridor, of course with other girls...I held the letter in my hand and just started to go straight to him, his beautiful blue eyes, his perfect smile, I can't even describe how gorgeous he is. "Hey Mollie!" Emma was standing right in front of me. "Hi Emma". I looked over her shoulder and saw Niall go away too his lesson "NO!" I squeeled. "What are you doing? Why did you scream Mollie?" Emma said concerned. "Ohh sorry, nothing" Now when Niall was gone, I couldn't give him the letter, of course, we have the same lessons but I can't give it to him in class. The bells rang and I hurried to my class. I was the last person there and I went quietlty through the room. There was only one chair left, the one next to Niall. "Hi Mollie" he said. Omg he talked to me, today, on valentine's day, "Hey Niall" I said back. We sat just quiet the whole lesson, I had the letter in my pocket and I just wanted to give it to him. It was two minuites left, and the bell ring again, everyone stood up, and I started to go out of the room, I heard a voice that said "Ey Mollie" behind me. I looked back and saw Niall. "Yeah" I said and started too go closer to  him, "I just wanted to give you this" he gives me a letter, a red letter. I opened it and read "Hi Mollie! I know that this is a little bit weard but i really like you, I have looked out  a good place on the mountains for tonight, so we can see the stars clearly. Do you want to be my valentine?" I looked up, and saw him straight in his blue eyes, "Of course I will" I said and hugged him.

I just need the cutest dress tonight was all I could think, I looked in my wardrobe and find a short blue dress, I tested it and it looked really cute. I hoped Niall was going to like this. It was 30 minutes left until I was meeting up with Niall, I was sooooo exited! Downstairs my mom had a lot of things too do before her date was coming, so I decided to help her with the table setting. When I was done, I looked on the clock, I WAS SUPPOSED TO MEET NIALL IN 10 MINUTES! I took my high wheels on, and run out of the door, I would not be able to be there in time.

There he was, the beautiful blondie, with a blue skirt, omg he looked so handsome. "Hi beautiful" he said, "Hey" I said back. We went up til a little place on the mountain, It was so wonderful, you could se the stars so clearly. He had done a picnic, with candlelight and cupcakes. I walked beind Niall and we sat down on the blanket, he taked a cupcake, took a bite, looked at me and said "Do you want it?" "Yeah" I said back and smiled, "Come and get it then!" he said and started to run away. I ran after him and grabbed his arm, "You get it" he said and kissed me, on my mouth! ohh god i couldn't believe it, NIALL HORAN the most popular guy in school kissed ME! I was so in loved with this crazy blondie! After that, we hade a lot of things to talk about.

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