I woke in a never ending forest of lies and death. The only recollection I have of yesterday, is the murder...


1. blood

A flame of orange and red, a flicker of heat, a spark of light. A fox, as sly as anything. Rough bristles of fur scratch my bruised skin. The pain brings me to my senses, I glimpse a flash of amber as the fox scampers away, startled by my awakening. my skin is deathly pale, a unmistakable side effect of my blanket of snow. I move my left hand first my frost bitten fingers ache as I prise then open, my wrists creak in the strain. I slowly raise my left arm up. The pain awakens me further. sharpening my senses. I risk a glance at my fore arm, the deep cut shocks me, the crisp dried blood surrounding the gash looks alien on my pale arm. looking further past my arm I notice the hot pool of blood in the snow. I  rip a piece of my clothes to use as a bandage, its poor but its all I can manage. I need to move.

My dead legs give way beneath me when I try to walk. the looming forest grows around me rendering me helpless. The tendrils of fog surround me, I am its prey. A howl in the distance alerts me to how venerable I am. I must climb a tree. blood gushes down my arm as I find a high tree and attempt to climb. I climb as high as I dare up the perilous trees. a pack of wolves dashes under the tree in which I am concealed in.

my only thoughts are, when will death come

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