A Day in the Water

When Kara's best friend Ben invites her along with his other friends to a beach house for the summer how will things turn? Will things turn a little flirty or would they remain friends?


1. Chapter One

"Thanks for inviting me" I say to one of my best friends, Ben. 

"No problem" he replies helping me bring in my luggage. My wavy long light brown hair was sticking to my neck in the heat and my green eyes were squinting. The only thing surving the heat besides my green frayed shorts, white shirt and white flats were the small set of freckles on my cheeks. I was a runner so I was used to being outside a lot but it was still blazing hot. "Kara's here!" Ben calls through the door.

"Hi Kara!" Shouts came throughout the house. They soon formed a circle around us. I'm starting to have more guy friends than girl friends because their is no drama. 

"What no hugs?" I ask smiling

"Sorry" one if my taller guys friends says excitedly as  he picks me up and gives me a big hug.

He sets me down as he does so he messes up my hair on purpose. "Thanks" I say scarcasticly as I give the rest of them hugs. I go to give Ben's brother a hug and I take my luggage to Ben who was showing me where my room was.

He takes my suit case from me and guides me through the house to my room. My room was by his room away from all of the other guys. Ben was the calmest one of them all so I was glad my room was next to his.

"Thanks for helping me with my luggage" I say as he opens the door. I throw the pillow I have been carrying on my bed along with my purse. I start hanging up my clothes and putting my toiletries on the bathroom counter.

"No problem..." He replies brushing his hand through his dirty blonde hair and looked at me with his bright blue eyes. "Can I have my hug now?" He asks

I smile and nod and walk toward him and I give him a big hug. As you can see by now, I'm a huge hugger.

"Hey, I know you just got here and all but do you want to go swimming?" He asks

"Sure!" I exclaim.  "Now shoo so I can put my swim suit on" I say pushing Ben out of the room. I grab my one pice with cut outs on the sides. I just met some of the guys so I don't want to wear a bikini in front of them. I walk out of my room wth my dark green one-piece. The guys are no where in sight...


I look out the window and there they were. They were all outside in the pool. I walk out side and past the 'sunburnt' patio and I walk to the white diving board. Before I leap into sun-kissed water Ben's brother, Kyle, sneaks up behind me and drags me into the water. 


*later that night*

I sat on my bed in my pajamas falling asleep listing to Hunter Hayes Wanted. I close my eyes and crawl under the cover and I try to get some rest. 


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